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托福作文咩第 28 期 Day 3
#托福作文咩第 28 期 Day 3# 【作业一】
1. I prefer to travel aboard when I am young.
2. Traveling aboard at young age is my preference.
3. Traveling aboard at young age is preferable for me.
Somebody thinks traveling aboard at old age is better since the elder will not be interrupted by job stuff. However, old people may receive the interruption from their family, because strange environment is dangerous for them and their family would concern about their safety more than young people’s. Therefore, traveling aboard at young age is preferable for me.
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作业1:[br]有人认为老年人出国旅游更好,因为年轻大部分没有足够的钱财支付。我认为出国旅游花费钱财的多少完全可以自己控制,比如选择打折机票,和便宜的宾馆,尽量少买纪念品,少在旅游景点吃饭。因为这些不会影响旅游的质量,旅游的重点在于增长见识,而非够买纪念品和享受豪华宾馆。而老年人却只能选择舒适豪华的住行,有些地方例如爬山,还需要做很贵的缆车,而这些反而是旅游费用翻几倍。所以,年轻的时候出国更好。[br]作业二:[br]1、I prefer to travel abroad when I am young.[br]2、Traveling abroad at a young age is my preference.[br]3、Traveling at a young age is preferable for I.[br]作业三:[br]Since there is no enough money for youths to travel, some people state that it is better to travel when you are elder. As far as I am concerned, all of us are able to control our fees for travel. We can make our tour economical by choosing discount plan ticket, buying souvenir as less as possible, trying to eat out of tourist attractions. All of this won’t affect your travel quality because key of tour is to enrich our experience, not to enjoy luxury hotel and to buy all kind of souvenir. However, there is no choice for the old except comfortable plane and high quality hotel. Even they have to take cable cars, all of which will take several times money as that for youths. All in all, it is better to travel when you are youngh.[br]