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托福作文咩第 28 期 Day 3
#托福作文咩第 28 期 Day 3# 有些人认为年老的时候,因为退休不需要再将自己大部分的时间花费在工作上面,所以会有更多的时间可以出国旅行。但是我却认为,受制于身体等方面的原因,年老的人可能更加会享受在家和子孙儿女一起的天伦之乐。让且许多年老的人无法跟上世界接轨的脚步,所以即便能够出国游玩儿在单独的情况下,也多数情况下无法应对突发事件。所以我更加倾向于年轻的时候出国旅行。
I prefer to Travelling abroad when I am young.
Going abroad at a young age is my preference.
Going abroad at a young age is preferable for me.
Some others point They all do have Much more time to going abroad due to their retired from their jobs. By constantly, I think that the older people may be more likely to enjoy the family and their children's family. Many older people can't keep up with the world, so even if they can play in a separate situation, they can't cope with emergencies in most cases. Therefore, going abroad at younger ages is my preference.
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