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感觉主要还是要求听力要全部听懂[br]The author states that there are three competing theories about how massive stone buildings are used while the professor in the listening refutes that the theories are unconvincing.[br]The first theory points out that the large buildings were just purely residential for hundreds of people. However, according to the professor, it was just the outside looked like being used for living. There were few fire places for cooking which were very important for people at that time. Even the biggest building had fewer than ten fire places, not to mention other smaller buildings.[br]A second theory indicates that the specific structures were used for food supplies because they were very suitable for grain maize to be stored. Yet the speaker holds the view that if the house was used for food supplies, the excavations of buildings were supposed to contain some uncovered traces of maize or maize containers. And the truth is no evidence has been found there.[br]A third theory believes that the houses were used as ceremonial centers for the reason that excavations of the deposits contained massive broken pots. Nevertheless the professor argues that the deposits also contained other building materials like stones and constructions besides broken pots. It is possible that these deposits were just left out in the buildings since they were useless.[br]In conclusion, the listening refutes all three theories mentioned in the reading and proves they are unconvicing.[br]


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