#托福写作方法课第四节# Children's experience formed from home and school. Both of them are dispensable. Some one claims that playing and study are the more important than learning laundry. Apparently,it is totally wrong. I hold the point that children should learn how to do household chores. I'm going to elaborate my view in the following paragraphs.
First of all,
Doing household chores can frost children's view of responsibility.I've learned to do housework since I was 6 years old. Sometimes I just help sweeping, but I realized I'm a part of this family. This id my duty to help cleaning up.Human beings always grow up once they take out their mission.
Doing housework is least to make friends.I hear news that a genius who used to study at Peking University has quitted. He never washing his shirts without mom's help. No one is willing to make friends with him especially the nauseous smelling.Being independent and tidy is the first step to build relationship.
By all means, it doesn't mean that playing and study are not important. If the kids already formed the behavior to do the laundry, they haven't need to occupy too much time.
All in all, the skill of doing household chores is the fundamental technique that our children should learn.
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【是否应该培养孩子做家务的能力?】[br]With the progress of our society in the past several decades, our lives change a lot, for example, parents become more and more severe spoiling their kids and always do everything for them. Thus, an interesting heated discussion arises: should parents teach their child to do chores? As far as I am concerned, I am in agreement with the claim that children should be taught to do chores. There are some reasons and examples to illustrate my point of view.[br]First, learning to do chores is conductive to children's future. Only when a child is able to do single tiny tasks can he or she do something big in the future. There is an old saying in China, a person who never cleans up his house is unlikely to clean up the whole country, which means that a great success starts with small tasks. Take my older brother Jack as an example, he was taught to do his own tasks when his was young, such as washing his own clothes, cleaning the house, and help do some cooking. And now when he is studying abroad, he can done everything orderly himself for those good habits have already take root in his mind.[br]In addition, teaching children to do chores, parents can cultivate the affection with them. As we all know, nowadays, parents are tend to be busy in their work and rarely have time for their kids, so it is really a good idea to teach them to do chores when parents are doing their chores. It just strikes a balance between accompanying their children and not having too much time. For me, when I was a little child, my parents, both of whom are doctors, were really busy with the patients, but they figured out a helpful solution, let me help prepare food materials when cooking and meanwhile we would play some funny family games, thanks to their thoughtfulness, I am a happy girl and always remember how warm my family is.[br] [br]Admittedly, teaching children to do chores will cut down on the time they studying textbook knowledge and playing with friends. However on balance, this issues above seem to be minor factors in comparison with cultivate the habit of doing chores, because the habit of doing chores is really more beneficial to their future lives. [br]To put it in an nutshell, developing the habit of doing housework means a lot and is dispensable to young children. It is not only because doing chores does good in their future life but also because it can help establish a good relationship between children and their parents.


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