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#托福口语方法课第三节# 要积累好词好句.练习发音.
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写都要写半天,而且写完了发现自己读的时候总是会超时 第一篇没问题 但第二篇念了好几遍还是不行 [br]If you could choose any job in the world, which of the following job would be the most rewarding for you,a university professor,an environmental scientist or a newspaper journalist?[br]1. The most rewarding job for me is to become a university professor. [br]2. Because of what I’ll be doing and what I’ll be realizing.[br]3. Teaching in a university offers me cultivate more high level students and helps them be successful.[br]4. I’m very enjoying in teaching and helping students. [br]5. In addition, piano is my true love, I never stop to thinking that one day I can be both of a teacher and a pianist. [br]6. Join into a university and become a professor will be the best way to realize my dream. [br]7. So compare with other two jobs, I prefer to cultivate people that become a university professor.[br]Some people like to attend big classes and study with a lot of people around, others choose independent learning with very few people around. Which way of learning works better for you? Why? Include specific details in your response.[br] For me, learning with very few people around is easier than study with a lot of people, because less people will easier to keep quiet and increase the efficient. I’d like to study in a very quiet place because it can make me concentrate in my work. Less people makes less noise or much easier to keep quiet than a lot of people around. In addition, when I need to discuss something, less people usually can solve the problem faster than a big group of people, because one more thought of a person will waste one more minuet to explain. [br] If I study with a big group of people around, I’ll get more thoughts from them. However, less is more. More thoughts will make me fall into the decidophobia.[br]


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