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口语喵第 35 期 Day 1
#口语喵第 35 期 Day 1# Well,it was about 2 years ago . One of my best friends had a meeting at about 17 o'clock ,and ended at 19:00. So we had made an appointment to have dinner after the meeting.But when she came back after the night shift,she didn't want to go out any more.So she asked me and another girl ,Ma to go to the meeting for her.When the time came to 19 o'clock,we called her to ask where she she was. She told us that she was going to sleep.I was so angry at that time !And so did Ma. Then we went home without a dinner .After a few weeks,we three talked about it .She apologized to us.Was I disappointed ?Yes,at that moment . But when I worked 36 on all ,I could understand her. And now we still keep good relationship with each other.It's really important to understand the reason behind the action,especially as a friend.
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