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#托福写作方法课第四节# 题目:是否应该培养孩子做家务的习惯
Admittedly, I am not denying the disadvantage of doing housework. For instance, it may take too much time to do housework that there is no time for study and playing with their friends. Housework should not be a burden our children. Certainly children's ability to range their schedule need practice. Parents can help them dividing their free time properly and should guide them to realize the importance of balancing between studying and doing housework, there will be nothing to worry about.
From what has been discussed above, I can draw a conclusion that it is better to do some housework than just study all the time. It is not only because doing housework can improve relationship between parents and children, but also it can help them living better when they leave home alone such as go to university or other cities for working.
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It is a common sense to us all that childhood is an important period for the cultivation of children's habit. And here comes a question: shall we develop children's habit of doing housework or not? Due to the increasingly heavy study tasks in schools, somebody may think children need to spend more time on school work. Just the opposite, I think children need to develop the habit of doing housework. There are some reasons and examples to illustrate my point of view.(82)[br]Firstly, doing housework can promote the relationship between children and their parents. Usually, household duties, which are always yawnful, are mostly completed by parents while children are playing or studying. So, a good opportunity to enhance the relationship between children and parents has been wasted. But with the participation of the children, this situation may change. The frequent communication between parents and children will let them know each other better. And this tedious work will turn into an enjoyment at the same time. My younger sister is a good example. She would tell my mom what happened in school when they did housework together and then my mom could know how to guild her to a right path. Through this way, they are just like sisters.(126)[br]And second, doing housework helps children to build patience and self-control. As we all know, house chores are always tedious and boring which will also take a lot of time. Little children are just very active and without patience who are not willing to do this kind of tedious and boring work. But while they are doing house chores, they can learn how control themselves from been distracted by other things, like cartoons and video games. Take me as an example, I was very impatience and had no self-control when I was six. However, my parents told me to do housework everyday, such as sweeping and washing dishes. When I grow older, I’m no longer impatient or without self-control as a kid did.(125)[br]Although, doing house chores may take lots of time that children can spend it on studying or playing. But comparing what children can gain in the process of doing housework, the cost of time is worth it.(37)[br]In a nutshell, children need to develop the habit of doing housework. It is not only because it can promote the relationship between children and their parents, but also because it helps children to build patience and self-control. (38)


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