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#托福写作方法课第四节# 题目:是否应该培养孩子做家务的习惯
Admittedly, I am not denying the disadvantage of doing housework. For instance, it may take too much time to do housework that there is no time for study and playing with their friends. Housework should not be a burden our children. Certainly children's ability to range their schedule need practice. Parents can help them dividing their free time properly and should guide them to realize the importance of balancing between studying and doing housework, there will be nothing to worry about.
From what has been discussed above, I can draw a conclusion that it is better to do some housework than just study all the time. It is not only because doing housework can improve relationship between parents and children, but also it can help them living better when they leave home alone such as go to university or other cities for working.
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Nowadays, more and more parents pay attention to developing their children’s comprehensive abilities. This phenomenon gives rise to a concern about whether parents should ask their children to help with housework tasks. Some people claim that children shouldn’t do housework because it’s too time-consuming to do other more important things. However, from my point of view, it’s wise for parents to make their children do housework. I am going to elaborate this viewpoint in the following paragraph.[br]Housework can help children develop a sense of responsibility. Let children do housework will make them understand their parents’ hard work and inspire them to do their best in order to reward parents. This kind of quality is significant for both family and society. As an academic survey from Peking University indicate, 90% children who do housework at a very young age are willing to reach out to help people in need, on the contrary, only 30% children who never help parent with housework task would like to offer their help to others.[br]Helping parents with housework can relieve their stress. Parents always feel physically exhausted after settling a lot of things during workday, thus, if we finished all the housework before they go home, it will make them really delighted. For example, I always do housework when I stay at home. The house is clean and neat after finishing the housework task. When my parent went home, they could have a rest rather than doing housework. It makes them feel pleased and they are pride of me.[br]Admittedly, doing house will indeed take up a lot of children’s time, however, if children can manage time properly, they will do both housework and homework efficiently. And it will bring many advantages to children.[br]From what has been discussed above, we can safely draw a conclusion that doing housework has good influence on the development of children. As an old saying goes, one who is unwilling to do trifles cannot make a big success.[br]
Nowadays, there are many children who focus on their stressful study assignment, and many parents don’t assign their children to do any housework. But in my view, children should do some housework, at least some simple, easy works like sweep the floor. Maybe some people would say that what a child should do is studying, he shouldn’t do any other things which have no business with study. To argue this, I will raise some reasons to support my opinion.[br]First of all, doing housework can improve a child’s sense of responsibility of a family. Otherwise he might think the parents should do all of the housework obligatory. That’s we all don’t want to see. For example, my neighbor’s child is very caprice. That’s all because his parents pamper him too much. He can’t even do a simple housework when he was in a high school. He can’t wash his own clothes, that’s really awkward and that’s all because of his parents “love”.[br]What’s more, make a child to do some housework will also relax himself from a stressful and intensive study. There is a real feeling on my own life. When I was in my junior high school, I have a lot of homework and I often stay up late to finish it. I’m in a low efficiency because my brain looks like fill with water. That’s not cool. But one day I washed the windows in my home after a section of my homework, you can’t believe this, I’m in a high efficiency to study at that night! Keep study makes me sleepy so do some housework will fix it.[br]Honestly, doing some housework will take up some time which a child should study during it. But let’s see it in a different way, isn’t it the necessary ability a child should learn? They are student, they should learn everything they will use in future, so why not learn it earlier?[br]In a nutshell, a child should do some housework, we shouldn’t make them focus on their study day and night and keep them from anything will disturb their study. Otherwise they can only study when they grow up.[br]字数有点不够多,但还是达到了托福标准,没达到侃哥标准哈哈,下次加油努力扯,争取超过400字.