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#托福写作方法课第四节# 自己可以掌握侃哥教的point,但是需要自己不断的去练习和模仿,最终形成一套自己的独特的体系并能熟练运用。
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1. Teaching children to do household chores can help parents release
Their pressures
2. Teaching children do household chores can hep them to take care of themselves when they get married and start their careers.
Admittedly,I am not denying the disadvantages of teaching children to do chores, for instance, this process may have a conflict with their study or their hobbies, even they won’t get good grades. However, as long as our parents are conscious about which one is the most vital one and also the importance of balance between doing household chores and studying, thus, there will definitely be no problems.
In a nutshell, the reason for teaching children to do household chore is not only because they can share pressure from their parents, but also children can master an important skill so that they can take care of themselves, that’s why I firmly agree with this statement.
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I agree that it is important for children to do the housework.[br]Nowadays, the stress of competitions in going to new schools is becoming stronger and stronger. Many students even don't do any housework for the family because their parents said it is not their duty. Then, they do it instead of the kids. And the kids are locked in the study room and can't come out until the examination is over.[br]First, I think that the children are a member of the family. As they are getting older and older. The parents must let them know that you are old enough to have responsibility to this home now. My friend's father always taught her to do the housework for the family in her spare time. After that, she gradually have much conscientiousness in her home.[br]It can also exercise children's all round development. It can et you have a better job. For example, if a man is both good in study and housework, the rate of he will be offered in a better company is greater than people who is good in one of them. Outside there are many people unemployed because the pressure in the competition. It will be disadvantageous for you becasuse you don't have a second skill. [br]Although many parents will tell them after the nervous contest, but then they lose their golden learning period. They will learn slowly and do the housework awkwardly. You don't want his girlfriend see him can't do the work well and criticized by you.[br]So this is my opinion. I think it is important for children to do the housework


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