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#SAT修辞与逻辑第三节作业# #SAT修辞与逻辑第三节作业#
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SAT 方法课作业
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4.(a)前提:wal-mart and target are both supermarkets.[br]sharon likes to shop at market likes wal-mart.[br]结论;sharon probably likes to shop at target.[br](b)前提:most people drive that kind of car have the money to burn[br]he drives that kind of car[br]结论:I imagine he has money to burn[br]c)前提:otterhounds don't fetch[br]your dog is otterhounds.[br]结论:you do not waste your time trying to teach that otterhounds to fetch.[br]d) Today is Martin Luther King Jr.’s birthday. I don’t think the post office will be open. e) Most smokers drink, so there is every chance Sally drinks.[br]前提:the post office will be close on martin luther king's birthday[br]today is his birthday[br]结论:i don't think the post office will be open.[br]5.[br]a) at least twenty disney movies i have seen to ,and no one of them has been especially violent.[br]i guess the disney people just don't make violent movies [br]b)most of my professors wear glasses in every-where professors[br]i guess most professors every -where wear glasses.[br]Most of my professors wear glasses; it’s a good bet most professors every- where do the same. [br]c)i have met conservatives that dislike mike huckabee.[br]i 'd say most conservatives do not like mike huckabee. [br]d) jane score 85 percent on her first test in all tests of semester[br]jane will get 85 around percent in her all test this semester. [br]e)most people i know approve of the job she is doing in those polls[br]she might get approval rating more than 35 percent.[br]f)the two dudes drag racing around here are crazy in young people[br]the young people around here sure are crazy.[br]g)judging from these fries at mcdonald's are too salty[br]the fries at mcdonald are too salty.[br]6. a) rats are sufficiently similar to humans biologically [br]saccharin has been determined to cause cancer in rats.[br]结论 saccharin will cause cancer in humans [br]b) georgia and alabama are both mainly southern conservatives[br]jeb bush has an 80 percent approval rating in georgia[br]he 'd be just as popular in alabama[br]c)this movie and last movie have the same kind of plot and will smith was in [br]i liked the last movie will smith was in the plot[br]I will like this one [br]d) [br]december and january are supposed to be just as cold.[br]december's energy bill was very high[br]january 's energy bill will probably be high[br]7. a) 原因Eating fish or seafood at least once a week [br]结果 lowers the risk of developing dementia, researchers have found.[br]b) 原因The stronger the muscles, the greater the load they take off the joint, thus limiting damage to the cartilage, [br]结果explains why leg exercise helps prevent osteoarthritis. [br]8. a) Pat never had trouble playing that passage before. I wonder what the problem is. It must have something to do with the piano she just bought.[br]求同法 与过去 弹钢琴作比较[br]求异法 与过去比较弹钢琴是钢琴本身的问题[br]b) Sometimes the fishing is pretty good here; sometimes it isn’t. When I try to pin down why, it seems like the only variable is the wind. For some reason, wind keeps the fish from biting. [br]求异法 wind是唯一的变量[br]求同法 与过去钓鱼的时候进行比较[br]c) Why in heck am I so tired today? Must be all the studying I did last night. Thinking takes energy. [br]求异法 昨天晚上学习是变量 它会消耗能量[br]d) The computer isn’t working again. Every time it happens, the dang kids have been playing with it. Why can’t they just use the computers they have down at school?[br]求同法 与平时电脑坏的形况进行比较,这次电脑坏了一定也是因为有小孩子玩了它[br]e) I’ll tell you what caused all these cases of kids taking guns to school and shooting people. Every single one of those kids liked to play violent videogames, that’s what caused it. [br]求同法 play video games 是唯一不变的量


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