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#GRE写作方法课第四节# T 35
1.Some fields of study are not unlikely to succeed to some students. Success does not only means that gaining results which are specific but also acquiring development to some extent , which is also called success.
2.It is unlikely to succeed today does not means that it will be not successful int the future.
3.Educational institutions are not the only sector which is responsible for field of study, but the whole social and the government should guide the process of study by responsing and providing source of study .
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T6:A nation should require all of its students to study the same national curriculum until they enter college.[br]关键词:require; all of; same national curriculum; until they enter college[br]取反:voluntarily; some kinds of; why national curriculum? what is national curriculum?; after college[br]重组逻辑:为什么要强制要求学;为什么需要全体学生学;这个课程讲什么;大学前接触会不会早[br]主题句:para.1- Students have their rights to choose what courses they want to learn. It can't be decided by other people.[br]para.2- Every student is special. They are different in many angles. So that each of them has their own proper courses which are totally different from others. It's not good to let them all take the same courses.[br]para.3- National curriculum is hard to understand sometimes, so it may be better for students to learn it after entering college than before that.[br]T81:All parents should be required to volunteer time to their children's schools.[br]关键词:all; be required; volunteer time; school[br]取反:voluntarily; what is volunteer time?; why volunteer time?[br]重组逻辑:为什么强制;志愿活动指什么;参加有什么好处;该参加多长时间[br]主题句:para.1- The decision of whether to volunteer time should be made by parents themselves.[br]para.2- Volunteer time may cost lots of money. For those families that don't have much free money, it's not a good idea.[br]para.3- Short time of volunteer activities are good for children and schools. But if it is a long period of time, it will become a burden for the families.