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托福作文咩第 14 期 Day 2
#托福作文咩第 14 期 Day 2# Some people think that some lessons for young children (age 5-8) which include video games can serve as effective and interesting ways of learning, while others think that these lessons are quite distracting and can be seen as a waste of time. What is your opinion and why?
Our age witnesses that the video game has undergone a tremendous change from a sign of wealth and social status to a life necessity. Reportedly, most young children aged form five to eight spend a quite long time learning lessons which include video games. This phenomenon triggers a heated debate. Some people think that video games serve as effective and interesting ways of learning, while others think that these lesson are quite distracting. Form my perspective, these lessons can be seen as a waste of time. I will elaborate my viewpoint in the following paragraphs.
Firstly, it is impossible for young children to fully concentrate on the lessons for young children which include video games. This is because these lessons usually demands a relatively quite place and preoccupation from young children. Conversely, if young children learn lessons through video games, his or her attention is being torn apart and the efficiency of learning must be affected. A good case in point is that when I was young, if I wanna learn something, I have to devote all of my attention on it and cannot afford any sight disturbance. However, once I play video game, I only notice the animation in it and totally forget what I have to learn.
Besides, these lessons which include video games is likely to do harm to young children’s health. In an important stage in growth of young children, the organs and systems development are unfavorable to play video game for a long time which can pose an adverse effect on normal development, especially eyesight. More and more young people become shortsighted at a relatively young age which is a deeply regretful fact. This phenomenon ascribe to the extensive use of eyes by watching video games.
Admittedly, these lessons including video game can be b\very attractive to young children and can stimulate their interest in learning. However, we can not afford to lose young children’s physical development which is the priority compared to learning knowledge.
To put in the nutshell, young children are supposed to be preoccupied with their lessons without being disturbed by other distractions such as video games which can be a good way to release anxiety.
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Lessons play an indispensable role in our daily life, but when it involves in video games, an interesting discussion arises: should we include video games to lessons for young children (aged 5-8)? Some people reckon that those lessons do harm to the kids. Nevertheless, other people like me hold a totally different view: those lessons with video games can make the process of study more fun and effective. I will elaborate my point of view in the following paragraph. In the first place, video games can attract children. Numerous children seem to be reluctant to study, but actually, they act in this way because they hate the boring parts of study, not the study itself. Taking me as an example, when I was a little boy, I spent most of my time playing video games, rather than study, since video games was far more interesting than study. To make me study, my parents downloaded some kinds of puzzle video games from internet. I soon immersed myself into it.Consequently, after a couple of weeks, my language ability improved a lot. I think that's why people always talk about that interest is the best teacher. Besides, it is extremely hard for many children to focus on just one thing unless it is playing. When lessons which include video games, it will present an illusion for kids that they are playing it, not study. A good case in point is a friend of mine, Tom, who cannot easily concentrate on study. However, after I recommended him the puzzle game, he found that he finally could rule out all the distractions around him because he thought he was just playing a game, also it was really amusing. It was the video games that triggered him to play, or more precisely, play while study. Admittedly, I am not saying that this method is perfect. It does have some faults, for instance, it may become an excuse for children so that they can play the video games which are not educational. Notwithstanding, as long as the parents can choose the suitable games for children, it won't be a problem at all. To put it in a nutshell, Lessons with video games are beneficial for children. Children can gain more pleasure from it than study, and probably they are completely not aware of they are studying, thus, they will learn many things from it, which is a really valuable experience for them.
With the fast development of technology, new kinds of entertainment like video games seems to become an important role in people's daily life. This phenomenon even triggers a debate in the field of education: should vedio games class be available to young children for their learning's sake? Of course some peoople are against this advice because it is a waste of time. So am I. I am going to elaborate my viewpoint in the following. Vedio games firstly lower the efficiency of young children's study. It is widely admitted that video games are such dangerous things for people who cannot control themselves. As for children, whose self-control ability is not developed, they can hardly focus on other things again once they are accessble to video games. And their learning efficiency will fall unavoidably. My primary classmate Wang is an example. Before Wang started playing video games, he did well in all the courses. Unfortunately, Wang took a video game lesson and was keen to it after that. He seldom went back to homework again, but wasting his time day and night in game rooms. He was forced to stay in the same grade for his bad action in the final examination. What video games bring children more is the harmness in communicating with others. Age five to eight is a foremost period that young children can easily establish friendship with their mates. Anything makes them hanging on one point does harm to the process, so does video games. And video game lesson can play the role. A recently research shows that those children who are crazy about video games are more likely to be self-closing, which will draw great damage to their future development. And most of their temper is getting worse, easy to be angry. You can never imagine a furious child is welcome to his classmates. Well, we have to confess that no video games may make the childhood dull. But as we are sure of children's first task is learning, why not endure a little dull life? Childhood is so precious that it is not capable of shouldering the risk of being self-closing or weary of studying. In conclusion, I think video games lessons are distracting and wasteful. It destroy children's interests for study, furthermore, their motivation of making friends will also decrease. No video games childhood seems not attractive, but it is right.
Nowadays,various lessons have been introduced among young children , including video games and more and more children are getting involved in these lessons .Some people claim that these lessens are effective and interesting ways of learning,while others believe that children will be distracted and thus waste time. As far as I am concerned, I am wholehearted in agreement with the former statement .My reasons and examples are given below. Firstly,these lessons will be helpful to trigger children's interest for further academic study. There is a proverb that goes: interest is the best teacher.The ancient wisdom reveals that great inquisitiveness is served as impetus for children's intellectual ability.My 6-year-old cousin is a good case in point. He had been taking part in logic class where all the students were required to reorganize a puzzle jigsaw in 15 minutes which seemed a great challenge even for the adults. However,he was so preoccupied with the assignment that he finished it in 5 minutes.After the class,he felt a strong sense of achievement and he told his mother to buy more logical books to study. Besides, these lessons are conducive to improving the efficiency of learning. It is because young children are easily get bored after a long time learning traditional subjects.By adding these enjoyable lessons ,their intense minds will get relaxed so that they will get better performance for the subjects they are supposed to learn.For example,there is an educational institution in my city called Xin AiYing which establishes with the purpose to supply young children a variety of lessons aiming to help young kids focus their attention.It is so successful in assisting kids to focus on their subjects that a growing number of kids attend in it. Admittedly, I am not denying that kids will be distracted.For instance, some kids are inclined to be addicted in playing video games.However, as long as the parents well place regulations , there is nothing to be worried. In conclusion, young kids are supposed to get involved in various lessons to some extent not only because they are contributed to arising kids' curiosity but also boost efficiency of learning.
It seems that children education plays a central role in their childhood. Being educated at an early age has a possibility of paving the road to their future life. However, there is a welcomed statement that some lessons including video games for young children, mainly at the age of 5 to 8, can serve as effective and interesting ways of learning. As far as I am concerned, I stand by the opposite point because of the following reasons as what I want to represent. Firstly, Taking video games lesson is more likely to deteriorate children’s eyesight. Children at an early age with a bad eyesight have a lot of troubles in their life. It means they have to wear glasses, maybe they will have some diffident moods because of looking so different with others. Taking my brother for example, he is 6 years old, with poor eyesight because of watching too much video games from television. He feels so terrible after wearing glasses. So from the aspect of one’s eyesight, children shouldn’t be allowed to have video games classes to some extent. Secondly, video games lesson allures children to waste a lot of time to accomplish. Children are too young to use an appropriate ways to deal with video games. Reversely, they may spend too much time on video games, which produces a bad impact on their studies. It is a common phenomenon in some families, if parents don’t give children what they want, especially phones, they will refuse to have a meal. It is a great problem for parents to confront to. Therefore, taking video games classes sounds like unsuitable. Granted, video games is an useful way for children to focus on, as a result of this interesting method, which will emerge some advantageous results. Children of course will be more controllable than usual, they are more eager to take classes and join in some games. However, consider some disadvantages, it is better for school not to introduce video games lessons. In conclusion, I strongly believe that taking video games classes is not a good idea, bad eyesight and too much addicted to video games are such important consequences for teachers to pay attention to, which will have a bad influence on their future development.
Some people think that some lessons for young children (age 5-8) which include video games can serve as effective and interesting ways of learning, while others think that these lessons are quite distracting and can be seen as a waste of time. What is your opinion and why? 题目翻译 某些人认为,一些为5-8岁小孩设置的包过电子游戏在内的课程,可以为他们的学习提供有效的有趣的方法,而其他人认为这些课会令小孩分心,浪费时间。 你的意见是什么 为什么? 中文提纲 背景:电子游戏好,是每个人的童年回忆 引出:有这么个问题 当提到改不改为小孩设置关于玩游戏的课程时,人们意见不同,许多人认为对学习好 自己意见: 但是我认为这很片面 有失偏颇 过渡: 我的理由如下 第二段 论点: 小孩没有自制力不能控制打游戏的时间。 刚玩游戏比较好奇,容易上瘾,即使不上打游戏的课。上了就完了就更爱玩了管不住了,没时间学习了。 举例子 我邻居小孩。。。。 小孩得培养良好的习惯,这些时间不能用来学打游戏 应该多看看书 第三段 论点: 游戏的情节固定 模式单一 学不到什么东西 而且虚拟世界与现实脱节 不利于他们的学习 可以学习更多现实生活中的东西 如生物 绘画之类的。。 让步 当然了打游戏也有好处 可以减少学习压力 开发智力 但是由于小孩控制不住自己 而且游戏没什么好内容甚至低俗 所以我不建议开 以上是我的观点 为了孩子们的健康成长 别太轻率开这种课! It cannot be too good to play video games when we are not being occupied; almost every adult likes to play them and some of whom even adept to them! How about the children? Should they learn how to play video games? This issue is heatedly debated currently. Quite a few people argue that some lessons including video games are recommended to be added in teaching syllabus of children for their effective study and interest. At the first glance, I am stunned and argue that this assertion is rather absurd and ridiculous, have you ever attended the class concerning video games? My reasons are as follows. First, it is undoubted that most children at the age of 5-8 do not have mature self-control ability. A child is usually very curious and eager for everything new. Even if they are not taught in a video game lesson, they will try to learn how to play it, not mention if they are taught. However, without perfect self-control, they are susceptible to be addicted to video games after class. For instance, a five-year old son of my friend Bob, took part in a computer class, the little boy always played games after attending the class, which made him a strange boy. Obviously, the valuable time for playing toys and learning practical skills will be encroached by video games. With that, a child will learn nothing but only playing video games! Second, most video games have single plot and do not deserve to learn. The most conspicuous shortcoming of a video game is its limited content that sometime vulgar and violent, which is not only helpless but also harmful to children. Such as some shooting games, just pressing few buttons, you can kill animals even people on the screen, which is too simple to teach. However, children are liable to imitate what they see in the video game, and become aggressive to others. Admittedly, lesson on video games provide a new way for children to enjoy themselves as well as learn something interesting effectively, but the latent threat is more worth worrying than the superficial advantage. For the children’s good study, such class is suggested not to be set up.


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