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托福作文咩第 14 期 Day 1
#托福作文咩第 14 期 Day 1#
Recently there has been an interesting debate aroused among students : should students go to school early in the morning? Some people claim that starting school day early is a great method to support learning,while others believe that students are supposed to go to school at a later time. As far as I am concerned, I prefer the former statement mentioned above. I will elaborate my point of view in the following paragraphs.
To begin with, starting school day at a early time is beneficial for improving learning efficiency. As is known to all morning is the most efficient time in a day because after a whole night’s sleep, we feel more vigorous , have a clear mind and enough energy to cope with the daily activities. For example, my English is very poor in middle school. Thus, in order to catch up with others, I am always getting up an hour earlier to memorize new words and then go to school earlier to read some articles. Learning from my own experience, morning is the more efficient moments for me to learn English. Therefore, starting school day earlier is more beneficial for my English learning.
Additionally, arriving at school at a earlier time will provide a sense of security. If you arrive at school earlier, you will have more spear time to prepare and you can even review the lesson today. For instance, we always have dictations in the morning study. Therefore, I will arrive at school earlier to memorize the contents of today’s dictation. Then I can do well in everyday’ dictation. So I don’t have to redictate and will save a lot of time.
Admittedly, attending school at a later time have some advantages to a certain extent. For example, students can have maybe five minutes more sleep. However, if you put aside just 5 minutes every morning, what about a year? Futhermore, in a year you have more time study. And your hard work will pay off ultimately.
To put in a nutshell, arriving school earlier will not only improve your learning efficiency, but also a great sense of security. In addition, it can cultivate you trait of perseverance. Thus, I believe it is much better to start school early.
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recently an interesting question arouse among the students: we should start school day early or attend school at a later time, which one is a good approach to support learning? some one think it should be a better idea for students to attend school at a later time, however, as far as i am concerned, starting school day early is a good approach to support learning. the arugments for this view goes as follows. firstly, starting school day early can stimulate the students to get up early in this way, they would learn more knowledge, the early birds catches the worm, in my opinion, working diligently at school is a fundamental task on the part of students, in addition, diligence requires more time, so we should starting school early, day by day, we had more knowledge. Tracing back to my primary school, at that time i was lazy, i often lated for class, i just wanted to sleep a bit longer, but my deskmate, who was very diligent, she got up early to review the lessons yesterday and prepare the lessons today. finally, she became the best students in my class. to catch up with others, i got up early, by the accumulation of day by day, i made a big difference. secondly, starting school day early can improve our efficiency of our study, our minds will be more clear in the early morning, after a whole night's relax, we can read the book without any other thoughts, so it can improve our efficiency of our study, for example, our school has a morning reading club, which appealed to a lot of students, they got up early and read the English loudly, they held on to do it because they found it defintely improve their efficiency, starting the school time early made the study easier. admittedly, there might have some problem, some people urged that they always felt sleepy when they arrived at school early in the morning, so it couldn't support them to learn more and improve their efficiency of study, in the contrast, they thought attending to school late was better, but the question was why they felt sleepy, i guessed they could stay up late, if you have a healthy habits, you would have a success both in study and heath. in a nutshell, starting school day early is a good way to support learning, for it helps you learn more and improve your learning efficiency, as the saying goes, lose an hour in the morning , and you will spend all day looking for it. cherish the time, in limited time to learn more.
Recently there has been an interesting debate aroused among students : should students go to school at an early time? Some people claim that starting school day early is a good method to support learning,while others believe that students are supposed to go to school late. As far as I am concerned, I am wholehearted in agreement with the former statement mentioned above. My reasons and examples are given below. First,students will feel more vigorous after a whole night rest which means that the morning time is the best time for carrying on academic subjects.It is because a good condition of mind and body will lay the ground work for the massive load of academic assignment of the day.There is a Chinese proverb that goes:early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy. The ancient wisdom reveals that in order to rise early, one should avoid staying up during the night. If a student is required to attend the class earlier, there is no denying that he will go to bed early ,which is definitely conducive to his health so that provide him with a solid backup for learning. Furthermore, starting school earlier will be benefit to cultivating the quality of persistence of students.It is because getting up at earlier in the morning is worst part for some people especially in a chilly snowy winter morning.If individuals can cultivate the good habit of getting up early and hold on to it day after day,their persistent character will be formed which is shared by a great number of successful people.Obama is good case in point . It is universally known that he was born in a poor family and his mother had to support the family by tolling away in a factory early in the morning.As a result, Obama had to rise at 4 o'clock to receive education from his mother. It is the experience that shapes the insistent quality of Obama which serves a perfect trait as a president. Admittedly, I am not denying that attending school at a later time have some advantages. For instance, students will more free time to make preparation for the subjects following in the day .However,this is only the secondary factor compared with the starting class early.After all, students' performance in class is of greater importance. To put it in a nutshell, in order to support learning, it is much better to start school early not only because rising early in the morning will supply students refreshed bodies and clear heads but also is helpful to form insistent personality which will determines their future success.
Recently, we’ve been talking about education. An interesting topic about students arises from this situation: whether students should arrive at school early in the morning. For most individuals, they hold the view that it is a good way for students to support learning. However, I think that it is better to attend school at a later time. My reasons are presented at the following paragraphs. At first, attending school early cannot guarantee enough sleep time for students. We can conclude that lacking sleep time has a bad impact on children’s health from scientific research, which means less sleep time will constrict students development. Therefore, it is of great importance for students to own enough time to have a rest. Imagine that students always take class at a very early time, they also have a myriad of homework at the same time, it will produce a bad influence on their sleep time and quality because of taking care of their studying plan. So, I tend to agree that students should arrive at school at a later time. At second, attending school is more likely to form many pressure in mind. Attaching more importance to learning is a source of peer pressure, which leads to ignore all-around development of students. Taking my sister for example, she has to get up at 5 am and runs to school. “Learning is all” means to her, I have to tell you the truth that she just is in five grade. Her teachers and parents also urge her to join a lot of courses, which eventually takes a multiple of mountains to my sister. Of course, I don’t think it is fair for her to bear many pressures at such an early age. Granted, we should pay more attention on students learning, the most significant concerns about education. We cannot substitute the results of learning is inconsequential. But more importantly, students’ development not just contains the grade in their paper, but also consists of other aspects, like their communication skills and physical ability. Attending school too early produces different aspects of development. So we should focus more on students development. In conclusion, I definitely stand by the point that students should attend school at a later time to ensure enough time to sleep, at the same time, ameliorating the pressure from students learning. From above all, it will have a positive effect on students.
It is true that our society is pay more attention to the children's education. And it also cause heated discussion about the time when the student should go to school. Many people consider that student should go to school early in the morning, but others thing it not a good idea. As far as i am consider, student should not go to school early, because it is will lead to many bad things, if student go to school early. In the first place, student should go to school later time, because it will benefit to their health. As we all know, the health is most important thing for students in their primary school, middle school or high school. It is the period of long body for student. If they go to school early in the morning, they should get up early. It will not provide them sufficient time to rest. If things go on like this, it will lead to many terrible things, such as being disgusted with schooling. So, it is not suitable let student go to school early. In the second place, if student go to school early in the morning, it will increase the pressure on student's emotion and their family. But when they go to school later, it will avoid this things happen. It is true that good sleep can guarantee good mood. It will give them enough energy to study and it will improve their study effective. And if they get up early, they will meet the traffic in the rush hour. I think you can image that the situation in the morning, such as crowded buses and subway. For example, many school ask student go to school early about 8 o'clock in the morning, their parent will extremely worried about their safety. According to this, no one will feel good after such a experience, let alone immediately devoting themselves to study. In that case, we will get the conclusion that student should go to school at later time. And attending school lately can give students enough time to rest and have better emotion so that they can have more efficeint in their study. So I believe that student should arrive at school at a later time.


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