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托福作文咩第 14 期 Day 1
#托福作文咩第 14 期 Day 1#
Recently there has been an interesting debate aroused among students : should students go to school early in the morning? Some people claim that starting school day early is a great method to support learning,while others believe that students are supposed to go to school at a later time. As far as I am concerned, I prefer the former statement mentioned above. I will elaborate my point of view in the following paragraphs.
To begin with, starting school day at a early time is beneficial for improving learning efficiency. As is known to all morning is the most efficient time in a day because after a whole night’s sleep, we feel more vigorous , have a clear mind and enough energy to cope with the daily activities. For example, my English is very poor in middle school. Thus, in order to catch up with others, I am always getting up an hour earlier to memorize new words and then go to school earlier to read some articles. Learning from my own experience, morning is the more efficient moments for me to learn English. Therefore, starting school day earlier is more beneficial for my English learning.
Additionally, arriving at school at a earlier time will provide a sense of security. If you arrive at school earlier, you will have more spear time to prepare and you can even review the lesson today. For instance, we always have dictations in the morning study. Therefore, I will arrive at school earlier to memorize the contents of today’s dictation. Then I can do well in everyday’ dictation. So I don’t have to redictate and will save a lot of time.
Admittedly, attending school at a later time have some advantages to a certain extent. For example, students can have maybe five minutes more sleep. However, if you put aside just 5 minutes every morning, what about a year? Futhermore, in a year you have more time study. And your hard work will pay off ultimately.
To put in a nutshell, arriving school earlier will not only improve your learning efficiency, but also a great sense of security. In addition, it can cultivate you trait of perseverance. Thus, I believe it is much better to start school early.
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In this highly competitive world, knowledge is an essential thing for every human being, especially the students. Thus, some students, who hold the view that the school should start their school day earlier, choose to go to school very early in the morning. However, other people like me, do not think that this claim is able to hold water, and argue that arriving school at a relatively later time would be plausible. My reasons and examples are given below. To be with, a large number of students are on the phase of body development, which requires sufficient time for sleep, or they will be drowsy during the day. Nowadays, many youths have tons of homework and other things need to be done in a short period of time so that they cannot go to bed that early, resulting in getting up late for the school. Taking me as an example, last semester, I had a very important exam. What I did to prepare it is that I looked over the textbook and reviewed my notes. Owing to the complexity of that subject, it took me nearly 8 hours to get the things I mentioned before done. In addition, I have to take some courses during the day, so I cannot go to bed until 2 am. In this way, I was too tired to cope with the exam in the morning, and I get a bad grade. I believe that most of students have the same experience like me. Secondly, we are not likely to face with the situation where the traffic is crowded. In the morning, with the road loaded with cars, we students, as a part of commuters, waste so much time in the bus. But if the starting hours become later than before, the problem will be perfectly solved since the road in 9 am has less cars, and of course, less commuters. When I was in high school, I needed to get up very early to catch the morning bus for the fear that I am late to school. The hours that I spent in the bus were two hours a day normally. Nevertheless, if the traffic is less crowded, it will only take me one hour. With the time saved, I can use the extra one hour to study. Admittedly, going to school does provide some benefits, like we can concentrate easily on study in the morning. But if we look it in a different angle, we will find that this concentration does not last very long. Because of the lack of sleep, we will be sleepy later, and our brains are not able to function as well as it does in the morning. To put it in a nut shell, it would be a better idea for students to attend school at a later time. The energy we obtain from the enough time for sleep and the time we set aside from the way we go to school will make us a better man who can study more easily and efficiently.
Students have less and less leisure time to control even if they just want to own some private time to do something helpful and meaningful in the morning.It is probable that the schools urge students to spend their whole time studying,however,most students are really desire to have some rest time to do what they think is more important than the school things. First of all,students in maximum are really in favor of sports,such as football,basketball and so on.One sport item will be able to help them strengthen their bodies and forge their mentality.Taking the football for example,as a team sport,many students in the activity can learn many different things,which can’t be found in the classrooms.They are taught how to be a leader when a team needs some commanding,and how to be a complete and united team when the members in it have trouble in harmony.These are all useful to their social ability . Moreover,students are fond of owning a solid friendship,whether it is beneficial or not,which can be memorized in the future.In the morning, they can spend their valuable time with their good friends,and say some gossips to amuse.Friendship is some people’s whole life target because it is able to give everyone some or more experience when they can say everything right or wrong but no one will stab them in the back.Such the strange society gives everyone more understandable demands for the friendship.Sometimes,maybe friendship is the only reliable way to relax their mentality.When they expert to say something interesting or trouble to others,friends are the best choice,only because they are friends,they have the responsibility to listen. Finally,students can do numerous society activities in the morning,for example,they can bring up some kindergarten children for their parents are often very afraid of any sudden things will happen,if the elder students who are very familiar with these families can bring up their children,they can feel more comfort and have more time to do something about their job.Because of it,they have more persistent time to do their job better and more efficient.Meanwhile,students can obtain some experience of the sociality and the humanity.They are one of the sociality so they need to know how to communicate with other people,not their parents or their good friends who can endure their demerits and find out merits.
In today's school,some students were forced to arrive at school early in the morning,and some people claim that school's behavior benefits students.However,someone doesn't agree with it.With this phenomenon comes an interesting discussion should students be arrived at school early in the morning?As far as I am concerned I don't think it's good for students that they need to arrive at school early in the morning.I am going to elaborate my point in the following paragraphs. To begin with,what students really need is sleeping,especially primary school students.If they don't sleep enough,they'll be tired when the class is beginning.Though they arrive at school early in the morning,students can't concentrate on their courses.I'm sure school doesn't want to see this result because of arriving early. Secondly,the sun will emrge lately in the winter in the northern area,so students will get up in the dark and walk to school in the dark.It may drive dangerous during walking to school.Whether school or parents,they all will worry about it.So many parents will go to school with their chidren together,besides,parents need to get up earlier to prepare for breakfast,it makes parents so tired. Admittedly,I'm not saying that arriving at school early isn't profitable,for instance,it's not rational all the year.In summer,school can require that,but not in winter,the problems above will be perfectly solved. Lastly,I want to speak again,I wish students could have more time to sleep to ensure a good quality class.


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