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#托福口语方法课第三节# 昨天的录过了,就又找了一个话题。
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组合有些生硬.....[br]1、In my opinion university professor is the most rewarding job in these three. i prefer to be a university professor.Why university professor is most rewarding for me? Being a university professor have a important work is education,i can impart knowledge to students,i can solve their problem in their study or their life.Teacher is a important job and make significant contributions to the society.At the same time,i can do research in my department,i'm very interested in science and technology, there are many Cutting edge science、advanced technology and frontier theory were born in university.Many laboratories in university be famous for the world do research which are at the cutting edge of science and technology,in many fields.Not only that, but i could participate in these research if i'm a professor like others in the university,isn't it yearning ?How exciting i can work with other scientists or professors and join in the science research at the forefront!In the other hand,i can improve myself when i teach students or do research.Then,as a university professor means fat salary.And it can obtain respect from society.[br]2、I prefer to study in a independent place where there are a few people, because fewer people means a quiet personal space that no one interrupt me when i am studying or thinking.I can concentrate on the subject and study with my own step.I can take a little rest when i feel tired and i can study the subject what i want to learn.I can make my schedule free,free to learn and needn't strictly follow a timetable which was formulated by a teacher or some other people, although when i have question, i can only find out answer or solution by myself. Studying in a big classes with many other people may have possibility of asking teacher or someone else, but i think it will not be clearly, sometimes i have to keep the step with others. I can keep the question and look for a other free time to solve it.


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