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#托福口语方法课第二节# I. If you could choose any job in the world, which of the following job would be the most rewarding for you,a university professor,an environmental scientist or a newspaper journalist?
1.Compared to an environmental scientist and a university professor, I prefer to be a newspaper journalist.
2.In my opinion, a rewarding job should relate to my interest.
3.It should be something that I am willing to put my soul into.
4.By rewarding, it may not take too much effort and has a reasonable wage.
5. I am soooo into travel, especially going aboard.
6.I like to experience all the different things, including foreign culture.
7.Just imagine, when you are in a foreign country, you listen to a different language,see the whole different view and experience the whole diverse lifestyle.
8.It is like living a new life all over again!
9.Besides, I like to write down all the things I have experienced and share with others.
10.All in all, If that kind of life can be my job, it would just be soooo fantastic, wouldn’t it?

II. Some people like to attend big classes and study with a lot of people around, others choose independent learning with very few people around. Which way of learning works better for you? Why? Include specific details in your response.
1.Well, I’d like to choose independent learning with very few people.
2.I am that kind of person that can be easily distracted by other things.
3.Thus, I need to concentrate fully on my learning.
4.However, if I study with a lot of people, I won’t have high efficiency of learning,will I?
5.I may be interrupted by other people asking me question, which certainly will influence my own thinking.
6.But when someone does that I can’t refuse him, so I have to work on my thinking all over again.
7.Besides, they may start chatting for a break, which is absolutely awful when I am studying.
8.By contrast, if I choose to study independently, none of such thing will happen.
9.No one will interrupt my learning!
10.I can have better thinking and higher efficiency.
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As far as I am concerned, a newspaper journalist is the most rewarding job.[br]A newspaper journalist is a job which can expose some invisible truths and impressive news.[br]Nowadays our society needs media help to supervise officials, government and our society operation.[br]When people are in low-spirit, they get enough information and some encouraging facts in newspaper to bounce back and acquire methods to succeed.[br]What’s more, journalists are also active on some dangerous battlefield and poor district in order to reveal the economic and political conditions.[br]I am an art student, so compared with professor and scientist, journalist is preferable.[br]I am crazy about traveling, so being a journalist may give me the chance that I could travel all around the world.[br]It is easier to help others in need if you are a journalist because your opinion could be made public immediately.[br]To be a journalist, we need to be brave enough, objective and careful.[br]Is there a job more challenging than journalist?[br]Imaging you active on the battleground, how cool it is![br]When you are in dilemma, I think you will think of a journalist, won’t you?[br]Hope I can be a newspaper journalist.[br]In my opinion, attending big classes and studying with a lot of people around works better.[br]First of all, studying in big class means that you have little chance to be asked to answer some questions, so I feel quite relaxed.[br]In a big class I can have more classmates to communicate with, so I can acknowledge different ideas.[br]Because of so many students in one class, professors tend to prepare their lecture more carefully.[br]The more accuracy lectures are, the more efficiency for us to get knowledge.[br]Actually, sometimes I may get tired in class, and in a big class I can get some rest.[br]In college life, friends are in need. So in big class, making friend is easier for us.[br]Having friends in the same class is very important, because we can exchange our opinions and do homework together after class.[br]In a big class, you can see many students buried in books, and this will create a good atmosphere.[br]When you miss some points in class, you can check it with your friends, how convenient it is![br]Being asked to answer a question suddenly is always a matter of importance, isn’t it?[br]What could be more interesting and efficiency than studying in a big class?


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