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托福作文咩第 12 期 Day 5
#托福作文咩第 12 期 Day 5# In contemporary society, pets are usually regarded as family. More and more people spare most of their time to animals. This phenomenon triggers a heated debate on if it is fine to sustain a close relationship with pets. The way I see it, it's wonderful to have cute pets closely. My viewpoint is based on the following reasons.
First, I think human has a close relationship with pets is great, largely due to keeping a pet is beneficial to people's health. As the increasing advanced science and technique developed, more and more people are suffering from the high pressure, leading to both mental and physical problems. It cannot be denied that when we stay and play with a cute animal, we will have more laughter in our daily life as well as gain more opportunities to exercise since the motivation to play with it. I have witnessed my friend, Sara, recovered from her depression under the help of companyIn contrast of to the negative attitude before she has a pet, now she takes a walk with her dog every day, retaining her smile finally.
Secondly, keeping a close relationship with pets is good for us to live regularly. Most of citizens tend to have an irregular time for meal and sleep, leading to them unhealthy.Apparently, staying a regular life pace is a considerable issue, and it is will be solved if you have a pet. It is known that we should take walk with pests in order to develop their correct life hobbit and feed them the same time every day in case of starvation.Take my friend, Lily,as example, she has two cute cats in her home. She has to do shower, feed food, and do cleaning for them on time every day, therefore she enjoys a regular rhythm of life. Lily is not the only one who lives like this. Many people loving pets have proved that keeping pets can put us to live regular.
Of course, someone deems that human and animals are entirely different. Keeping a pets means that we have to attribute our limited time to animals so that we have less time for our real families. However, little animals can be also regarded as a tie of the whole family. When we take pets for a walk, it's a definitely wonderful time to bond your family together. Furthermore, we can learn how to love family by caring about pets. Thus, I hold the perspective that it's great to treat pets as family.
From what has been discussed above, we can safely draw a conclusion that it is helpful to stay with pets intimately. Keeping a regular life pace on account of walking and feeding on time every day and relaxing ourselves owing to happy game with them are both the advantages while we have a great time with little pets.
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In today’s society, people will feed their pet. We generally treat our pet as a member of our family. Everyone take a very good care of their pet. If our pets are happy, we will be happy. If they feel ill, we will worry about them. But some of the people think such close relationship is wrong. In my opinions, i think it’s a good thing we can have such close relationship with our pet. First,For it is advisable to Feed pet, principally because it can helps the host body and mind’s healthy. I know a girl who used to be lonely, too shy to make friend. After she have a pup,she change a lot. Now she is full of confident and becoming a outgoing girl,too. Second,Apparently, having a regularly is a considerable issue. My neighbour Mr Le, a 50 years old man, used have a terrible lifestyle. Because of work, he always forget to eat breakfast or lunch. He just eat bread as his dinner. He is fat because he don’t have time to do exercise. After he is void, he buy a dog. Now he goes to jog everyday at 6 pm. His body is strong and you can’t see any fat on it. Somebody may think here is a clear distinction between human beings and animals. Some of them even think if people pay too many attention on their pets. They will ignore their family. I think this kind of thing even can’t happen because when people take care of their pet, they learn how to take care of their family. They won’t ignore their family. Instead they will know how to take care of their family and to attach importance to their family. Generally speaking, people have close relationship with their pets not only make their body stronger, daily life more healthier, but also make their mood better which give them a wonderful interpersonal relationship. There’s nothing wrong with people have close relationship with their pets.
作业一 在当今生活水平越来越高的社会,我们生活越来越孤单。我们开始养宠物,并且常常把宠物看成家庭中的成员一样对待。他们生病时我们会照料他们,他们身体好时我们会陪他们玩耍。我们也从照顾宠物中得到了很对好处。我认为人们和宠物之间建立的亲密关系是非常健康有益的。 一个知名媒体曾做一个调查,结果表明,饲养宠物对人类的健康有很大的好处,特别是在精神疾病的预防和治疗方面,比如抑郁症的预防和治疗。饲养宠物不仅是对人类身体上有好处,在精神上也非常有益处。曾经有一个知名媒体做过一个社会调查,结果表明,饲养宠物对人类的健康有很大的好处,特别是在精神疾病的预防和治疗方面,比如抑郁症的预防和治疗。人们和动物交流互动,可以减少孤独感等一些负面情绪,人类的精神创伤将得到治疗。从而使人类拥有快乐健康的精神状态。因此我认为饲养宠物对人类的健康有非常大的好处。 我有个朋友以前生活极其没有规律,也不爱运动,身体很虚弱。后来他养了一条狗,经常早晚带狗出去遛弯,定期理发检查身体,养成早睡早起的好习惯,也开始在遛狗的时候跑步,身体越来越好了,人也精神了很多。养宠物可以帮助人们养成良好的生活习惯,并使他们的身体变得健康。随着生活节奏的加快,人们的工作生活节奏也越来越快。人们早出晚归,饮食、睡眠不规律,运动也越来越少。但是如果有关系亲密的宠物,为了早晚带他们遛弯,定期带去理发、检查身体,人们就会慢慢养成早睡早起的规律生活。跟宠物玩闹的时候也会促进人们运动,从而使人们的身体更加健康。就像我的朋友一样,他们会越来越健康,精神上也会越来越好。 当然,也有人认为人和动物关系亲密不是一件好事。因为人和动物有很大区别,不能因为养宠物有好处,就把它们当家人来看待,这样会分担对家人的爱。但是我不同意这个观点,因为宠物给我们带来了很多好处,使我们身心健康,让我们生活更加规律,我们应该对他们心怀感激,为什么不多给一点爱给他们呢?而且,爱宠物和爱家人并不矛盾,我们可能因为学会了如何爱宠物,反而懂了如何爱护家人,所以我认为养宠物是一件好事,和他们保持亲密的关系对我们自己和我们的家庭都有好处。 总而言之,我认为和宠物保持亲密的关系是非常有益的。在和宠物互动交流的时候,人们的身心都得到了放松,促进了人们的身心健康发展。另外,照顾宠物也有利于人们保持有规律的生活节奏,养成良好的生活习惯。跟宠物亲近,像对待家人一样对他们是一件很自然也很有益的事。 作业二 With the more and more higher level of life standards,we are feel more and more lonly.So we begin to keep a pet and treat them as our families generally.We take care about them when they are sick and we play with them when them are in good health,We get a lot from caring about our pets.So I think that it is a good thing for people to have a closely relationship with pets. There a famous media had made a suvie about this.And the the result shows that it is really good for peple's health to keep pets ,especially in the feild of preventing and curing psychological disease like depression.When people play with pets and talk with them,they will feel happy and have no presure.Pets can make people feel good and they can reduce the negative emotion of people and at the same time,they cure the heart hurt of people.Therefor,pets can make people have a healthy state pyhsically and psychological.So I think it do have a lot of benefit for people's health to keep pets . I have a friend who used to had a unregular life.He dislike to do sports so he is weak.This situation is not gone until he kept a dog named Tom.Every morning and evening,he has to take Tom to hang out and cut fur after a duriation.And after monthes,my friend changed a lot.He run with Tom so that he have a more and more healthy body and he have full of beans all day.keeping pets can help people to build a good life habit and to make their bodies healther.With the increasing of life's speed,the pace of people'lives and works is more and more quiker.People go out early and come home so late.This causes a unregular time of eating and sleeping.If there is a lovely pet which have a closely relationship with you,you will care about it and hang out with your pet in the morning and the evening.And you will take it to cut fur and check body regular.Gradually,you will develop a regular life.And when you are palying with your pet, you will have some sports so that you will be healther.Just like my friend,the people who have a close pet will be more and more good both physically and psychological. Certainly,there are some opinions say that having a closely relationship with pets is completely a bad thing for hugmen,There is a clear distinction between hugmen and animals.We can not treat pets as our families just because of the benefit brougjt by keeping pets.And if we do that,pets will share our love which we give to families.But in my part,I can not totaly agree with it.Keeping pets make us have a good regular life habit and have healthy bodise both physicaly and psychologist.We should appreaciate it and thank to the pets,So why not give more love to our lovely pets.Besides,it is not a contradiction to love families and love pets at the same time.Mybe we learn how to love and protect our families from our pets.As a conclusion,I think it is a good thing keeing pets,and it is a good thing too for both ourselves and our families to have a closely relationship with them. In a word,I think that it ihave a lot of benefit for people to have a closely relationship with pets.When people are playing with pets and talk with them,they are totally relaxed both physically and psychological.Otherwise,it can help to develop a regular life and a good life habite for people when they are caring about pets.What's more,it is an natural and benefical thing to be close with pets and treat them like families.
【作业一】 当今社会,我们常常把宠物看成家庭中的成员。我们会和他们一起吃饭,带着他们一起去逛街。高兴的时候和他们分享,难过的时候和他们诉说心事。我认为人们和宠物之间建立的亲密关系是有益的。 我认为人们和宠物关系密切是件好事,主要是因为养宠物有助于主人的身心健康。我们都知道,在社会人群中有一类特殊的群体——老年人,孤独感在他们身上是非常常见的,甚至有的被抑郁症困扰。而在一项关于老人医疗调查研究中发现,饲养宠物的人比不饲养的每年看病的时间要少,60岁以上的老人,养狗或养猫患抑郁症的可能性会少四倍。这可能是因为老人在失去老伴之后,有了宠物的陪伴,所以使老人有了依靠的对象。老人可以和宠物谈话,可以向宠物倾诉自己的悲伤。同时宠物也可以帮助老人锻炼身体,给老人养成一个锻炼的好习惯。因此我认为养宠物有助于主人的身心健康,人们跟宠物关系亲密是件好事。 我认为人们和宠物关系密切是件好事,因为养宠物有利于保持有规律的生活节奏。现在很多人生活没有规律,他们忙的时候加班熬夜或者忘记吃饭,放松的时候又黑白颠倒暴饮暴食,生活一片混乱。保持有规律的生活节奏显然非常重要。我的朋友Susan家里有两只可爱的小狗。Susan每天早晚按时带狗狗们去散步。她说,正是有了那两只可爱的狗狗,所以她不得不规划好时间,久而久之她的生活变得越来越有规律。并不只有Susan一个人这样,我们观察身边的朋友可以发现,很多养宠物的人都有这样的特点。由此可见,养宠物可以帮助改善生活节奏,我们跟宠物亲密是很有益的事情。 当然,有人可能认为人和动物有很大的区别,不能因为养宠物有好处,就要跟它们亲如家人,这样会 让孩子们觉得自己不够受到重视 。但是, 宠物使我们身心更加健康,让我们的生活更有规律,为什么我们不能对它们多一些爱心呢?而且,爱宠物和家人并不矛盾,我们可能会因为照顾宠物反而让孩子们对于爱的分享有更深刻的理解。所以, 我认为养宠物并且跟他们亲如家人是好事 。 总而言之,我认为和宠物建立亲密的关系是健康有益的。和宠物互动,人们的身心都会得到放松,照顾宠物也有利于保持有规律的生活节奏。跟宠物亲近,像对待家人一样对待宠物是一件很有意义的事情。 【作业二】 In contemporary society, pets are usually regarded as members of our family. We can share delicious foods with pets. In addition, they can definitely serve as our friends, hanging out with us. With the company of them, we are able to recover from the suffering easily. I hold the view that humans build an intimate relationship with pets is advantageous. As far as I am concerned, it is advisable to have a close relationship with pets, principally because keeping pets contributes to the physical and mental health of their owners. A case in point is about the old, a special group from the society. Small wonder that a growing number of old folks suffer from depression. In a recent survey of medical research on senior citizens reveals that the aged who keep pets spend less time on medical treatment than those who don't. The possibility, which seniors who keep a cat or dog at the age of sixty and beyond have depression, will be four times less than those without the companionship of pets. Recovering from the loss of dear spouses, the old have pets rely on. They can talk to pets about their griefs. At the same time, pets can help them work out and encourage them to form the habit of exercising. As a result, I assume that keeping pets contributes to the physical and mental health of their owners, having a close relationship with pets is a good choice. From my perspective, having a close relationship with pets is great, because of the fact that keeping pets gives a boost to maintain a regular life rhythm. Nowadays, many individuals hold an irregular life pace. During their work, they are too busy to have a meal. On the contrary, they change into the world of sleeping during the day and working at night. Sometime they overeat when they are relaxed, which lead to a chaotic life. It is obvious that keeping a regular life rhythm is important. Consider my friend Susan, she owns two cute puppies and goes walking with them every morning and night on time. She acknowledges that she has to plan her timetable, thanks to the two puppies, her life becomes disciplined as time passes. We can conclude that a whole host of people who keep pets share the same character from other friends, not only Susan. Thus it can be seen that keeping pets helps us to improve our life pace, having a close relationship with pets is a very helpful experience. Of course, some individuals might argue that humans beings and animals are entirely different. We can't treat them like members of our family just owing to the advantages of keeping pets, which will make children feel that their family members attach more importance to taking care of pets. However, keeping pets contributes to the physical and mental health of their owners and gives a boost to maintain a regular life rhythm.Why not share more love with them? Meanwhile, that we love pets are not in conflict with children. Keeping pets enables children to gain a deeper understanding of sharing love. As a consequence, I assume that considering pets as members of our family is a wonderful choice. Totally speaking, I seriously think that having a close relationship with pets is beneficial. Interactions with pets generates a sizable impact on the physical and mental heath of individuals. Looking after pets has a great advantage of retaining a regular life pace. Having a close relationship with pets and considering them as members of family are deserved.
The relations between pets and human are getting closer as the development of the society.Nowadays,people are more likely to take care of animals.Hence, most of us treat pets as family members.For me, I think there is no doubt that having a close relation with pets is a good thing. As far as i am concerned,it is advisable to keep pets, principally because it can benefit people's physical and mental health.As we all know,the pressure of lives and works is getting much heavier,and researches from University of Pennsylvania show that pets can decrease the pressure,calm the people down,relax biological nervous and prevent the illness.The professor,Herbert Benson who is from Harvard University named it as The Relaxation Response. Recent studies have shown that experiencing the relaxation response for 10 to 20 minutes twice a day can wipe out the harm which is produced by pressure and improve our body health.It is because that activities with pets provide their masters regular exercises and happiness.So I think having pets is good for our health and keeping pets in a close relationship is a good choice. In addition, having a close relationship with pets is a fantastic thing because regular lifestyles can be brought by it. Recently,most of the people have an irregular daily rhythm as they always stay up late and do not have meals on time for work or study, which may do harm to their health.What's more, these people are always ignoring the hours and living in chaos when they are in their free time, which apparently shows that keeping a regular life is a significant issue. My classmate XiaoFang keeps a Samoyed at home.Everyday,she walks it outdoor,helps it wash itself,dresses its clothes and does the cleanings.She tells me that her Samoyed needs her care and love,so she has to manage her time.And XiaoFang‘s life gradually becomes more regular because of it. Not only does XiaoFang, but some friends of mine who keep pets in their life also have the same characteristic in dealing with their routine life.Thus it can be seen, having a pet does help to manage ourselves. Absolutely,some people hold an opinion that human are completely different from animals.They think people should not spend much time on animals which may influence their schedule although keeping pets is good for themselves.But we need to take care of animals because they bring us happiness and help us develop good habits.In addition,keeping pets won't cost much but make our life regular. So I think having pets and keeping a close friendship with them can have a positive influence. In a nutshell, having a close relationship with our pets and treating them as our family members benefits both sides because they can make us relaxed and in the meantime we can help them with their daily activities.So being friendly with pets and regarding them as our family members is beneficial to ourselves.