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托福作文咩第 10 期 Day 9
#托福作文咩第 10 期 Day 9# Along with the progress and development of our society, education keep innovating and reforming in ways and means as well. As always, discussion relating to education is abundant, one of those is the comparison between field trips and classroom studying, which one has better influence on children? From my perspective, field trips is more effective to implement, I can boil my ideas down to two reasons as given below.

To begin with , field trip is of great help to students to get better comprehension of what they learnt. In classroom, students' knowledges only come from books and interpretation of teachers, conversely, during the field trips, students can observe things what they learnt closely, they will get deeper understanding about those knowledge through true feeling. For instance, in art class, we draw anything by copying from books, if teachers can bring students to parks or zoos to paint from life, students will get close to the true lives by carefully observing, then, they can have clearer picture about creatures such as animals and plants. Those experience can help students to develop their imagination on painting. If they just paint according to pictures on books, it's not easy to develop their creation.

Next, field trip arouse our curiosity of learning. It's often said interest is the best teacher. In my university, at first, social psychology is my headache among all subjects, because there're many boring theories. Last September, our teacher arranged us to practice in psychological counselling rooms of some universities. During the practice, I understood that skilled communication and experienced suggestions have positive and effective impact on those students who came there for help. After talked with the consultants, some students become more positive and sunny, their problems are solved and conquered as well. All these made me feel psychology is so amazing, I became a big fan of psychology and often got high scores in psychology afterwards. So, comparing with learning by books in classroom, field trip is a useful way to stimulate our delight in studying.

Someone believe that children can better concentrate on studying when they are in classroom, because they are easy to distract from studying by interesting environment during field trip. There's no denying that, however, it also indicates that field trips is more interesting to children. Compare with studying in classroom, field trips can help children to understand knowledge from books by a much more vivid way, as well as stimulate them to acquire more information about what they learnt. Hence, field trips has incomparable advantages on the effect of teaching.

To sum up, field trips helps children have better comprehension on what they learnt, as well as arouse their learning interest. In terms of motivating students' enthusiasm, field trips is distinctly dominant, so I believe that field trips has better impact on children comparing with classroom studying.
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【作业一】 请根据周一到周四的训练,修改之前的内容,写一篇完整的中文作文。作文可以包括一个背景段、两个理由段、一个让步段和一个总结段,也可以包括一个背景段、三个理由段和一个总结段。理由可以和之前用的理由相同,也可以不同。 【作业二】 请将你写的中文作文翻译成英文。 随着现在社会的进步,以及教育在国家发展中占据着重要的地位,现在国家对教育越发的重视了。投入的教育资金也在不断的上升,这使得教育方式也不断得到创新变革。一直以来,教育都是社会的热点话题。例如,教室学习和实地学习相比,到底哪一种方式对孩子的教育更好?在我看来,实地学习对孩子的教育更好,理由有以下两个方面。 首先,实地学习有助于学生更好的理解所学知识。在教室里学习,学生只能借助书本和课件学习,而在实地学习的过程中,学生可以摆脱教室的限制,近距离的观察所要掌握的知识,通过各个方面来获取书本上所没有的内容,从而有利于深入理解。例如一堂有关春游的作文课,老师要带着学生去感受春天大自然的气息让同学们记录下春游过程中的愉快经历。如果这节课是在野外进行,学生就可以真实地感受到大自然中春的味道,不仅可以实地观察到各种动植物的生长状态,还可以在实地观赏的过程中留下美好的记忆,从而来记录出整个有关春游的话题,给作文的完成提供了真实的材料。这样的实地学习要比在教室里通过书本或是想象来完成作文更生动形象,学生的印象也更深,因而写作文也更加容易,题材也更加真实。所以说,与在教室学习相比,实地学习对孩子的教育更好。 其实,实地学习更能激发学生的学习兴趣。常言道,兴趣是最好的老师。如果实地学习更能够激发学生的兴趣的话,那这种方式就比在教室学习对孩子的教育更好。我还记得小学的时候有一节语文作文课,老师带我们春游。我们在河边嬉戏玩耍,看蝴蝶翩翩起舞,欣赏鱼儿水中游,观看大自然中的一切,一切都显得那么有趣。似乎每一处有春天的味道都想去捕捉,每一个细节都想抓住。后来我渐渐爱上了写作,从生活中发现事物,记录事物。如今虽然过去很多年了,这节课的场景依然历历在目。相比之下,对那些在教室里上过的作文课的记忆却早已不在了。这个例子说明,我们去实地上作文课的话,学生会觉得在观察的过程中很有趣味性,因为学习的兴致更高。相信有许多人都有类似经历,上学的时候一听要去实地学习就会特别兴奋、兴质昂扬。所以说,与在教室学习相比,实地学习对孩子的教育更好。 有人认为与在教室学习比实地学习对孩子的教育更好。这是因为在教室学习学生更容易集中注意在课堂上,而在实地学习中学生容易分散。事实上,并没有数据表明在教室学习学生的注意力更容易集中,课堂注意力集中的情况往往和学生的年龄,以及老师上课的方式相关。如果上课的方式太过于沉闷,学生的注意力也无法长时间集中。相反,在实地学习的这种方式容易让学生们更加活跃,积极参与到课程之中。所以,实地学习更能激发学生的学习兴趣。 简单地说,实地学习有助于学生更好的理解所学知识,也更能激发他们的学习兴趣,带动学生的学习积极性,这些都有利于实现教育传播知识的目的,因而对孩子的教育更好。 As the nation’s economy soars, education plays a vital role all the time, nowadays, the Department of Education has attached great importance to the development of education. A large number of resources are put into a lot of projects in education, giving a boost to the reform in education. As always, the discussions relating to education are still on the lips of many individuals. For instance, which one is the better way to teach children, studying in the classroom or going on filed trips? Form my perspective, I prefer going on filed trips. Two reasons are as follows. First of all, going on filed trips contributes to a better understanding of what the students have learned. Students can only be provided with books and courseware when they study in classrooms. However, going on a filed trips produces a sizable impact on getting rid of limitations from learning environment, such as looking more closely at the information, obtaining the knowledge from different perspectives, which take an advantage of the better understanding of what students have learned. Take a composition lesson on the subject of spring breaks for example, teachers have an opportunity to lead the students to smell the roses and give the duty to record the entire sequence of events. Studying in the natural habitat, pupils are easier to generate the real feeling from nature. Not only can they observe the growth of plants and animals of filed trips, but also they may hold deep impressions of the overall processes, making them more accessible to write down the composition with the topic of spring walk by providing the authentic material. The way to finish the composition on filed trips is more vivid than in classrooms by books and imaginations, with more impressions. As a result, writing a good essay is more convenient and collected examples become more real. To sum up, going on field trips is better for children’s education than staying in the classroom at school. Secondly, going on filed trips is better at stimulating students’ delight in knowledge. Interest is the best teacher, so goes the proverb. It is better to teach students by going on filed trips, which has an advantage of arousing students’ curiosity, than to impart knowledge in classrooms. In my memory, it was a composition class, the teacher took the classmates swim to the spring. We had a great time by the river side, with the butterflies dancing in the air and fish swimming in the water. The process of enjoying the nature made us quite interesting. It seemed that the flavor of spring was longed to be captured, every details had to be chased. I started to love writing, getting information from our life and recording everything. Many years have passed, I can still vividly recall this scene. On the contrary, the memories of the composition courses in the classroom are long gone. As we can see from the example, students can obtain more interesting experience from observation by going on filed trips to take the composition class, which contributes to the improvement of their interest in learning. I believe that many individuals have a similar experience, when told that they will go on filed trips, a cry of joy burst forth from the crowd. As a result, going on field trips is better for children’s education than staying in the classroom at school. There is a wide perception that learning in classrooms is better, compared with going on file trips. As a result of the point that studying in classrooms is easier to attract students’ attentions, going on filed trips gives students extra time to distract their focus. In fact, no statistics indicates that taking courses in classrooms has an advantage of paying attention to the knowledge, the focus on class is often intimately linked to the age of students and the way of teaching pupils. Students are unable to focus on the class for a long time with a young age and a tedious arrangement. On the contrary, going on filed trips makes students more active, they would like to involve in the lesson. Consequently, going on filed trips is easier to arouse students’ curiosity. To put it simply, going on filed trips gains a better understanding of what students have learned, and the way it also does better in stirring up students’ inquisitiveness about knowledge and stimulating children’s learning initiative, which have an advantage of spreading knowledge, as well as contributing to the children’s education.
Education can always earn enough attention from the public which means it is quite a hit that we discuss often. Recently, a debate about education methods is going on --- what method is on earth better to implement. The field trip or just learning in the classroom? My point is field trip is way too better than learning in the classroom. My view is based on the following reasons. To begin with, field trip is conducive to help student get better comprehension of what they learned.When studying in classroom, students can only base on the textbook to understand and remember the theory.There is little possibility to use them in practice to solve problems.On the contrary, field trip provide students opportunity to apply theory to solve problems.Commonly, we all know that it is the only standard to test whether you mater the knowledge or not that you can use the theory to get problems done.Therefore, field trip is of great impotence for students.To ground on my own experience, I have taken a class called ERP recently,it inspired me a lot.After finishing it, I got a feeling deeply that the real business world is just the battlefield and I found that to run an entity is really hard.That means not everyone can be a distinguished CEO. Again,it proves how important the field trip is for students.To recap, I do believe that field trip contributes to help student to understand the knowledge better. Plus,field trip is better at stimulating student’s delight in knowledge. Commonly,we can only insist on one thing and be expert at it as long as we are driven by interest. Field trip haves advantage over learning in classroom that student can participate personally in that process which can arouse student’s curiosity of study.Based on that, field trip is way too better than study in classroom. To recall this last internship I made, I got assess to the actual auditing procedure the first time. After finishing it, I have to say I love auditing and I made myself a commitment to be an outstanding auditor. Because of this experience, it is easier to learn advanced audit theory for me.Compared to the time without the internship, learning theory won't be that boring any more and it is more efficient. Field trip can make us improve dramatically, which is beyond the limitation of just learning in classroom.Up to this point, I do stand for that field trip is better to students' study than learning in classroom Someone think that learning in the classroom is better than field trip.They said that field trip in really inconvenient. Like, we can hardly get the appropriate field spot as well as sufficient resources for students. However, all that staff can be solved by school and government.It just takes some time.But, we have to emphasis that field trip have much more advantage over leaning in the classroom.That is irreplaceable.Therefore, I do believe field trip is better than learning in the classroom. To recap, field trip can help student get a better comprehension about what they learnt as well as can arouse their interests about learning. All theses can push the students to be proactive to improve themselves faster. It is long term beneficial for a student. Hence, I do believe that field trip does really take advantage over just learning in the classroom.
The process of modernization gives birth to educational methods diversified such as traditional class, field lesson, online course, and so forth. Accordingly, when it comes to education, there has always been plentiful of discussions about it. For example, which is more beneficial for students between classroom learning and field-based studying? Personally speaking, learning outside is do better because students can gain knowledge more vividly and initiatively. Following reasons elaborated upon my upper point. To begin with, field lesson is of great help to students to understand what they have learned on books. In terms of students, studying from teaching material, not only are they bald and abstract, but also not easily be acceptable. While combining the theory with practice, it is conducive to students to understand and utilize through observation, sound, taste and touch. To some extents, the significance of studying in the real scene cannot be exaggerated. For example, a physics course, a teacher inform students of light component and refraction. If this class was a field lesson, students can water in air and then observe the different color of a rainbow outside. Under this situation, students can understand the conception and principle theory of light. By contrast, in the class, through books, the light formation cannot be imaged easily and vigorously. Consequently, field lesson contributes to students in-deep studying and understanding. Secondary, field lesson is do better in stirring up students' inquisitiveness. Commonly, the regular means of teaching in class bored students, and by contrast, field lesson shows an amusing way in front of them. Generally speaking, interest is the best teacher. Once forming a habit due to interest and hobby, students can learn spontaneously. There is an example to my mind. I still remember one biology course when the teacher took us to marine park. We had seen the animals, such as polar bears, penguins, sharks, jellyfishes, which were introduced in books. The feeling of close encounter quite differed from that of learning. All the things--the cute shapes, fascinating characteristics and peculiar sound of those animals—incredibly attracted us. After that trip, our class built up study groups to learn the marine world actively. What fantastic the field lesson is. Some people consider that it is more efficiency of studying in classroom than of field lesson, because field-based learning is likely to distract students, especially for them who are lower self-control. Besides, taking part in outside class, they would hardly gain the relevant knowledge, and also spend time on what they should spend on school in the same time. Virtually, there is no evidence showing that daily learning in school is more effective than outside. However, students’ could not focus on the knowledge in practice, they cannot concentrate in class as well. At least, outside learning gives students more direct perception about what they learned. In a nutshell, field lesson impart knowledge to students profoundly and vividly. Simultaneously, this method stimulates students’ delight in studying and cultivate their enthusiasm. Therefore, field lesson is important for students to acquire knowledge.
Recent years have witnessed a rapid development and profound transformation in education. Students have been able to access a more effective and novel way to study in the school. Some sociologists claim that it is better for children to have field lesson than only staying in a classroom. As far as I am concerned, the interpretation can be fully approved and I am going to elaborate my viewpoint below. First, doing field trip is conducive to a better understanding of knowledge that students have learned. Staying in a classroom, children cannot acquire an accurate and complete comprehension of subjects since they are unable to see and touch what they have learned. For example, my biology teacher used to bring us to do some field researches so as to make us understand the lessons more deeply. In that case, we always have opportunities to closely watch the shapes of various kinds of leaves and smell the different fragrances of flowers. All class have accessed to the vivid and direct information of vegetation which gives us an impressive impression that we will hardly forget. Second, doing field trip does better in stirring up students' inquisitiveness about study. Interests should be developed and boosted through a process of perceiving beauty by self-experience. Almost everything we do not know well will turns out to be more simple and understandable after observing it in the nature. As for me, I am a big fun of colleting butterfly specimen. Believe it or not, I was seldom aware of this creature before taking biology class. It was a sunny day and my biology teacher took us to a nearby garden to conduct a research on distinguishing different kinds of butterflies through their colorful wings. I learned for the first time that there existed such fabulous insects in the nature and soon got immersed in them. Since then, I have been trying my best to collect as many varicolored butterflies as I can and this becomes a part of my life. Admittedly, studying in classroom does also have some advantages. Students may avoid being bitten by some insects or injured during the field trip. Staying in the classroom can be safe. However, these problems can be easily solved by wearing some comfortable shoes or protective clothes. Meanwhile, teachers are able to impart a few notes on security before conducting the field practice. Thus, the benefits of field lesson can still not be compared and should be fully aware of. To put it in a nutshell, it is my opinion that going on field trips is necessary for students’ education. Not only can it conduce to a better understanding on knowledge but also stimulate students’ curiosity on study. In other words, this education type will do more help to students than staying in a classroom.
【作业一】 正如一句名言所说:“海内存知己,天涯若比邻”。很多人都认为真正的友谊会超越距离的限制。那么对幸福感来说,到底是和小部分人维持长久的友谊更重要,还是能轻松交到新朋友更重要呢? 我认为和小部分人维持长久的友谊更重要。 首先,实地学习有助于学生更好的理解所学知识。在教室里学习,学生只能借助书本和课件学习,而在实地学习的过程中,学生可以摆脱教室的限制,通过观察、操作、调试等各个方面更真切的理解所学的东西,而不只是停留在书本上。例如一堂物理实验课,同学们要亲手做实验。如果这节课是在实验室里进行,学生就可以真切的接触到各种实验仪器,不仅可以学习到实验仪器的用法,还能观察分析实验过程中出现不同现象的原因,得出不同的结论。这样的实地学习要比在教室里通过书本或者电脑课件更生动,学生的印象也更深,因而理解的更透彻。所以说,与在教室学习相比,实地学习对孩子的教育更好。 其次,实地学习更能激发学生的学习兴趣。常言道,兴趣是最好的老师。如果实地学习更能够激发学生的兴趣的话,那这种方式就比在教室学习对孩子的教育更好。记得小学的时候有一节作文课,春天刚到,油菜花开满遍地。老师就组织我们春游,穿梭在田野间欣赏怡人的风景领略春天的魅力。自然界中的一切对我来说都那么有趣,似乎每一个景物都值得去仔细观察。后来作文课就成为我最喜欢的一门课,每次上课,我都满心期待。如今虽然过去很多年了,这节课的场景依然历历在目。相比之下,对那些在教室里上过的作文课的记忆却早已不在了。这个例子说明,我们去实地上课的话,学生会觉得像探险一样有趣,因而学习的兴致更高。相信许多人都有类似经历,上学的时候一听到要去实地学习就会特别兴奋、兴致昂扬。所以说,与在教室学习相比,实地学习对孩子的教育更好。 有人认为与在教室学习比实地学习对孩子的教育更好。这是因为实地学习容易导致学生分神,而在教室学习相对比较集中注意力。事实上,在教室学习方法单一,枯燥无味更容易让学生疲惫,不能更好地引起学生学习的兴趣。而实地学习具有教室学习无法比拟的优点,所以对孩子的教育更好。 总之,老朋友更加相互理解,和老朋友相处比较轻松自在,会感觉更加放松,这些对于快乐来讲是很重要的。因而,对于快乐或者幸福感来说,能和小部分人维持长久的友谊比能轻松交到新朋友更重要。 【作业二】 The level of education you received always determines the height you are. With the development of our society, education becomes more and more important topic, and the measure of which is also of the same importance. However, there has always been plentiful of arguments about education. Is the going on field trips or staying in the classroom l better for children’s education? In my opinion, the former is better; the two reasons were given below. To begin with, going on field trips is conducive to understanding knowledge better. In the field trips, students can get rid of the classroom constraints, and comprehend what they have learned actually through observation, operation, commissioning. For example, in a physical experiment class, students should do the experiment by their hands. If in the lab, students can truly touch the various experimental instruments, not only can learn the usage of them, but also can observe and analysis the different phenomenon in order to come to different conclusions. Therefore students can understand more thoroughly. In a word, going on field trips is better for children’s education than staying in the classroom at school. Secondary, going on field trips is better at stimulating one’s delight in learning. As the saying goes, interest is the best teacher. If going on field trips is better at stimulating one’s delight in learning, then it is good for children’s education. I remember that I had a writing task in primary school, spring has just arrived, and there were rape flowers everywhere. The teacher organized us to take a trip before we wrote. Everything in nature is so interesting to me when enjoying the beautiful scenery in field; it seems that every scene is worth my careful observation. Later, the composition class became my favorite class. Although that class has gone for many years, the scene is still visible in my mind. This example shows that when going to the field trip, students will feel more interesting about learning. Therefore I believe going on field trips is better for children’s education than staying in the classroom at school. Some people may think that studying in classroom at school is better for children’s education than going on field trips. It is because that students could not concentrate on what they are learning. On the contrary, they have to face one thing what they should study. Actually, the measure of teaching in room is so single , boring that it makes them tired and do not arouse interest of study. However, going on field trips has more advantages, which is good for education. All in all, going on field trips is conducive to understanding knowledge better, and is better at stimulating one’s delight in learning, which also could gives rise to students’ interest of study. So, all of these are beneficial to the purpose of education of spread knowledge, and are good for children’s education.


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