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托福作文咩第 10 期 Day 9
#托福作文咩第 10 期 Day 9# Recent years have witnessed a rapid development and profound transformation in education. Students have been able to access a more effective and novel way to study in the school. Some sociologists claim that it is better for children to have field lesson than only staying in a classroom. As far as I am concerned, the interpretation can be fully approved and I am going to elaborate my viewpoint below.

First, doing field trip is conducive to a better understanding of knowledge that students have learned. Staying in a classroom, children cannot acquire an accurate and complete comprehension of subjects since they are unable to see and touch what they have learned. For example, my biology teacher used to bring us to do some field researches so as to make us understand the lessons more deeply. In that case, we always have opportunities to closely watch the shapes of various kinds of leaves and smell the different fragrances of flowers. All class have accessed to the vivid and direct information of vegetation which gives us an impressive impression that we will hardly forget.
Second, doing field trip does better in stirring up students' inquisitiveness about study. Interests should be developed and boosted through a process of perceiving beauty by self-experience. Almost everything we do not know well will turns out to be more simple and understandable after observing it in the nature. As for me, I am a big fun of colleting butterfly specimen. Believe it or not, I was seldom aware of this creature before taking biology class. It was a sunny day and my biology teacher took us to a nearby garden to conduct a research on distinguishing different kinds of butterflies through their colorful wings. I learned for the first time that there existed such fabulous insects in the nature and soon got immersed in them. Since then, I have been trying my best to collect as many varicolored butterflies as I can and this becomes a part of my life.
Admittedly, studying in classroom does also have some advantages. Students may avoid being bitten by some insects or injured during the field trip. Staying in the classroom can be safe. However, these problems can be easily solved by wearing some comfortable shoes or protective clothes. Meanwhile, teachers are able to impart a few notes on security before conducting the field practice. Thus, the benefits of field lesson can still not be compared and should be fully aware of.

To put it in a nutshell, it is my opinion that going on field trips is necessary for students’ education. Not only can it conduce to a better understanding on knowledge but also stimulate students’ curiosity on study. In other words, this education type will do more help to students than staying in a classroom.
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With the social developing, people pay more attention on the education. As always, discussion relating to education is abundant. What is the best way for education between going to the felid trips and studying in the classroom? In my opinion, going to the felid trips is the best way for education. There are the following two aspects. To begin with, going on the filed trips is conductive to students better understand of knowledge. When students study at the classroom, they only can use textbooks and courseware. On the contrary, during the process of going on filed trips, students break away from the limitation of the classroom,observe the things closely and learn vividly through the different aspects in terms of the appearance, sound, taste and feel. We do not only stand on the book so that we are able to learn it deeper. A history class serves as a good example. The teacher would like to introduce some events and characters. If students visit the historical museum, they are able to touch the imitational ancient artifacts and skim through the relative books and records that bring the different feeling to the visitors. Students would don’t think about the knowledge and just take over what the teacher taught. Next, going on field trips is more likely to arouse students’ curiosity of study. It is often said that the interest is the best teacher. Field study would stimulate students to be interested on study. I can still remember the composition class. We went to the nearby park and saw the blooming flowers. We just have personal experience, then, we are able to write down vivid composition. I believe that many people have the similar experience. They are so excited going on the field trips. As a result, going on field trips is better than staying in the classroom. Someone considers that studying in the classroom has more advantages than going on the field trips. Because teachers would impart more knowledge, it could be more effective. In fact, students determined the efficiency. Inculcating more knowledge doesn’t mean that students grasp all knowledge what has been taught. On the contrary, students are able to grasp more knowledge when they have personal experiences. So going on the field trips are better than the studying in the classroom. In conclusion, going to the filed trips would better benefit to student to better understand. It is able to stimulate interest of learning and improve the efficiency. Children would find the new knowledge from the daily life. Therefore, going on the filed trips is the best way for education.
Field trips are a form of education that enables the students to learn and experience outdoors. Schools and individuals hold distinctive opinions on the importance of field trips to education quality. Some contend that staying in a classroom is the fundamental way of children getting involved and thus the best. However, I regard this assertion as arbitrary and believe that field trips are better for children’s schooling. My reasons and examples are given as follows. In addition, going on field trips does better in stirring up children's inquisitiveness about study. It stated that the interest is a best teacher. Going on field trips is preferable to children's education if it is able to motivate children's curiosity of study. When I was in high school, one day my biology teacher led us to go out of the classroom and into the campus in order to seek for those plants which appeared on the biology textbook. We found a dozen kinds of plants in those places which we ignored previously. The teacher gave us a detailed illustration on what we had found. I bore all he said in mind and was excited about this subject. The past is still close to me since so many years went by. It confirms that students probably regard field trips as adventures, which might stimulate their delight in study. Going on field trips contributes more on children's education compared to learning in the classroom. However, some arise out of the opinion that staying in the classroom at school is more preferable to field trips, asserting that emergencies like safety accidents and straying may occur in field trips. In fact, no evidence indicates that staying in the classroom is absolutely safe. The comparative safety of children completely depends on supervision and the regular inspection of potential risks and security threats. If these two cannot be run, emergencies can happen even indoors. Thus, with the benefits mentioned above taken into consideration, field trips are more advantageous and constructive for children's education rather than staying in the classroom. In summary, field trips contribute to a more thorough acquirement of knowledge and motivate the children to find out more about that particular subject, having long-term benefits to kids. Therefore, field trips are preferable to learn in a classroom and should be encouraged.
Homework 1 百年大计,教育为本。随着社会的发展,人们对教育的关注越来越多,投入的时间和金钱比重也越来越大,这使得教育方式也不断得到创新变革。一直也来,社会上都不乏涉及教育的讨论。例如,教室学习和实地学习相比,到底哪一种方式对孩子的教育更好?在我看来,实地学习对孩子的教育更好,理由有以下两个方面。 首先,实地学习有助于学生更好的理解所学的知识。在教室里学习,学生只能借助于书本,显得枯燥乏味,效果也不好。但如果可以将我们的课堂放到教室之外,学生可以摆脱教室和书本的限制,通过外观、声音、味道等感官近距离接触所学的东西,这非常有助于学生对知识的理解。例如语文课上《醉翁亭记》,如果老师仅仅是对学生讲解书本上所写的文字内容的话,学生并不一定能够很好的理解欧阳修文字中描写的景色,只能空凭想象。但如果这节课可以实地到醉翁亭去上,那就完全不一样了,老师可以对照课文将周围的景物一一讲解,非常有利于学生对课文中的景色以及作者思想的理解。这样的实地学习要比在教室里通过书本或者电脑课件更生动,学生的印象也更深,因而理解的更透彻。所以说,与在教室学习相比,实地学习对孩子的教育更好。 其次,实地学习更能激发学生的学习兴趣。常言道,兴趣是最好的老师。如果实地学习更能够激发学生的兴趣的话,那这种方式就比在教室学习对孩子的教育更好。初中的时候我们的化学课上,老师带我们去实验室上课,我们得以真正实践那些在我们课本上出现的实验,并观察它们的现象,就像一次探险。这样的实践对于我的帮助非常大,我深深地爱上了化学这门课。从初中到高中,化学都是我学的最好的学科。相比之下,对那些只在教室里纸上谈兵的课程我就不是那么喜欢,学的也不是那么好。这个例子说明,我们去实验室上化学课的话,学生会觉得像探险一样有趣,因而学习的兴致更高。相信许多人都有类似经历,上学的时候一听到要去实地学习就会特别兴奋、兴致昂扬。所以说,与在教室学习相比,实地学习对孩子的教育更好。 有些人可能认为在教室学习必实地学习对孩子的教育更好,他们觉得实地学习可能会造成学生完全抛弃书本理论知识的学习。事实上,只要老师能够良好的结合书本与实践,这是完全可以避免的。而实地学习具有教室学习无可比拟的优点,所以这对孩子的教育更有利。 简言之,实地学习有助于学生更好的理解所学知识,也更能激发他们的学习兴趣,带动学生的学习积极性,这些都更益于实现教育传播知识的目的,因而对孩子的教育更好。 Homework 2 As is known to all, education is the bed rock of a country’s long term development. With the development of society, people begin to pay more and more attention on education. An increasing investment of time and fund has also been spent on education. This encourages reforms and innovations on the ways of education. There has always been plentiful discussion about education. For instance, which is a better way to educate our children, to study in the classroom or to go on a field study? From my own opinion, field study does more benefits on students’ education. Here are my reasons. To begin with, field study is conductive to students’ better understanding of what they have learned. Studying in the classroom, students can only learn with the aid of text book. It seems dull and boring, as well as bad effect. But if we put our lesson to the outside, students can get rid of the classroom’s constraint. They may touch the things they’ve learned through their senses, such as appearances, sounds and tastes. It contributes their understanding a lot. For instance, a Chinese class which is teaching “Account of Inebriate Pavilion”, if teachers only read the text book to the students, students may not get a good comprehension on the beautiful scene and Ouyang Xiu’s thoughts indicated in the article. They may only depend on their poor imagination. However, if the class is taught in Inebriate Pavilion, there would be a totally difference. Teachers can make every scenery written in the article to match the mountains, rivers around. It benefits the students’ understanding a lot. This way is more vivid than classroom based only on textbook and impress students more. Consequently, comparing with studying in the classroom, field study is of great help to students’ better understanding of what they have learned. Next, field study is more likely to arouse one’s curiosity of studying. As the old saying, interest is the best teacher. If the field study performance better on exciting the students’ interests, this method benefits children more than studying in the classroom. During my junior time, my chemistry teacher always put classes in the lab so that we could practice those experiments on our textbook and observe the phenomena of them. Experiment made everything in the chemistry class like an exploration. This practice helped me a lot. I got fascinated with chemistry. From my junior to senior high, chemistry was my best subject. I always got a full score. Relatively, I was not interest with those class without field study. I performance fair on those ones. This example illustrates that field study can truly improve students’ interests in study. I believe that many of the students have the same experience with me. Therefore, comparing with studying in the classroom, field study does more benefits on children’s education. Some people may believe that studying in the classroom has more benefits on students’ education than field study. They hold the opinion that field study has possibility to cause children to override theoretical learning. As a matter of fact, if the teacher can combine textbook learning and practice well, this circumstance can be avoided. Field study has advantages which studying in the classroom can’t compare with so that field study does more help on students’ learning than studying in the classroom. Briefly, field study is of great help to students’ better understanding of what they have learned. It also innovates their interest on study better and pull up their activity on study. These are more beneficial to realize the purpose of knowledge’s spreading through education. Consequently, it contributes a lot to children’s education.
As the nation’s economy soars, chinese society is increasingly diverse. Education plays a vital role most of the time, nowadays, the Department of Education has attached great importance to the development of educations. A large number of resources are put into a lot of projects in education, giving a boost to the reform in education. As always, the discussions relating to education are still on the lips of many individuals. For instance, which one is the better way to teach children, studying in the classroom or going on filed trips? From my perspective, I prefer going on filed trips. There are 2 reasons below. To begin with, going on field trips is conducive to a better understanding of knowledge for students. When we study in the classroom, for instance, we can only acquire knowledge through books and coursewares. However, we can get rid of the restriction of classrooms, observe objects closely and touch them in person in order to come to a better understanding when we go on field trips. For example, my physics teacher leads us to the playground to do an experiment which can help us to be well aware of the Universal Gravitation in that simply talking about the gravity is pale. The field study is more vivid and interesting than learning with just books or computer courseware. Hence, compared with learning in the classroom, field study is better for the child's education. Secondary, going on field trips is better at stimulating students’ delight in learning. Interests, as the saying goes, are the best teachers. Going on field trips is better to children's education if it is able to motivate children's curiosity of study. My teacher leaded us to the playground to make experiments during the middle school chemistry class. I had great interests in chemical reactions, so I helped my teacher with them. I felt excited when I observed the objects changing in the beaker. Before long, chemistry courses became my favorite and the memory of this activity was reserved. This example indicates that going on field trips is better at stimulating students’ delight in learning. Many students, I maintain, are excited when they talk about experiments. So for my money, going on field trips has a more positive influence on children. Some people maintain that studying in classroom is better because they believe studying outside may dispense our attention and reduce efficiency. Actually, no evidence indicates that learning in the classroom can entirely draw our attentions. Whether the course is efficient or not depends on teachers. In terms of the advantages of learning outdoors, learning in the classroom is no match for going on field trips which can provide us with a better feeling of the subject. In a netshell, going on filed trips acquires a better understanding of what students have learned. In addition, it also does better in stirring up students’ inquisitiveness about knowledge and stimulating children’s learning initiative, which have an advantage of spreading knowledge, as well as contributing to the children’s education.
Education is the basic construction for one country. People pay more attention and spent more to education,with the social development.This also leads to innovation and reformation in the area.There has always been plentiful of debate about education.Such as ,which manner can benefit children more, field trip or staying in classroom ?As for me, field trip does good to education more .There are the two reasons following. To begin with, field trips conducive to the better comprehension of children's education.Field trip give our children a chance to experience themselves which can stimulate them in various ways to improve comprehension. For example,when we learn anatomy,we cannot know the position of the organs only through books,as we don not establish a respond to form in 3 dimension. Furthermore it is more impressive after feel personally. Field trip of this kind is vivider than staying in classrooms reading books or just watching ppt. We can understand knowledge entirely. So field trips is a better means for education than staying in classroom. Secondary, field trips is better at stimulating students’ delight in study. As we all know, interest is the best teacher.if field trips can arouse children’s curiosity of study,it more suitable for them than staying in classroom. Once we learned to paint from life in spring meadow.It seemed things everywhere have just woken up and gleefully opened their eyes.Little blades of grass poke their little heads out of the ground.Flowers of all types blossomed - red as flame, pink as dawning-clouds, and white as snow. Feeling the beauty of nature we fell in love with painting and always looked forward to the lesson. Many years ago I still remember these scenery ,while time staying in classroom leaves nothing. It demonstrate we have higher spirit to study in trips .we all have the same experience that we will be extremely exited as soon as we go to trip. So field trips is better to children’s education compared to study in classroom. because the field has rate for some accident, while studying in the classroom is relatively safe.In fact, there is no data show that in the classroom learning is absolutely safe.Safety depends on the teacher's organization and management, if the teacher mismanage, learning in the classroom can also bring problem.Field study has the advantages which the classroom learning can't compare with, so it is better for the child's education. In brief ,field trip not only contributes more for students to understand the knowledge ,but also promote their study interest and drives their activeness.All of these help education to deliver knowledge.So it is the better one to chose.


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