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托福 3.0 方法课作业
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because chevalier's mimoir are remarkable and has great value, some critics raised doubts about the accuracy of his mimoir.and there are three part of their doubts. [br]the first one is when he's in switzerland, he claimed that he was wealthy. but there is evidence that he used to borrow a considerable sum of money. if he is wealthy, why he needed to borrow money? and then is that in the mioir he record a famous conversation with a great writer votaire, and it is pretty accurate. the critics doubted that the mimoir was written many year later, so the conversation cannot be that accurate in exact phrases and word. the third thing that with dout is that he claims that he was escaped the prison only with a piece of metal from venice.and the critcs doubt that he was bribed the jailer to set him free, because he has some friends with political power that can help him.[br]the professor thought that his mimoir is pretty reliable. firstly because he had loan can not prove that he was poor. sometimes they need to convert their assets into money, and that needs time. so loan is just to help to get though this period. secondly, many people used to take notes while they are having a conversation. and many years later, it is not strange that chevalier got the note. and the last one about the prison escape, there are some people who has friends that are more powerful, that cannot get them out of prison. so it is impossible to bribe the jailers. and from the record, the ceil was repaired after he escaped.[br]so, chevalier's mimoir is quite reliable.
TPO3 (莫名感觉比以前写的更6了[br] The writer claimed that there are some problems in the painting that suggest it isn't Rembrandt's work, while the professor disagrees with all this opinions by new evidences.[br] Firstly, the writer believes that the woman in the portrait is dressed. However, the professor argues that the fur collar is not part of the original painting. It is into the picture after painting directly on the original painting after one hundred years. In this way, the painting looks like a formal portrait of an aristocratic woman and improve the value of the painting. [br] Secondly, the writer holds that Rembrandt is a master of light and shadow, but light and shadow in the painting is not harmonious. Conversely, the professor refutes it by saying that in the original painting, the woman is wearing a single led light with this robe. The robe to the light reflection to the woman's face, and a woman's face is not showing a half bright and half dark state. So, the light and shadow on the original painting is full of realism. [br] Thirdly, the writer mentions that the wood of the painting is a little wood stick together. By constrast, the professor points out that the wood panel is added because some people stick the wood panel on top of the original painting and side. And at the same time, the researchers find that the wood used on the painting with the other painting of Rembrandt used by the wood from the same tree. It is more strongly suggest that this painting is worked by Rembrandt. [br]


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