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#召唤陪练狮# 老师你好,请教这个句子里We have more strategic for time management,project management and self-organisition than at any other time in human history. 里面这个at可以不要吗?还是必须保留?什么时候必须要,什么时候可有可无,什么时候不能要呢?
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#召唤陪练狮# 请教老师:While miasma theory has been long since disproved, Short has for the last 30 years advocated a return to some of the building design principles produced in its wake. 老师,这个has for,如何理解呀?

Vicky 同学好~

主句中,谓语部分是 has advocated 一个现在完成时,而 for 是跟着后面的 for the last 30 years 作状语,表示过去的三十年间。

所以主句其实也可以改写为 Short has advocated a return …… for the last 30 years. 这样就清晰很多啦。
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#召唤陪练狮# 老师你好,请教这个句子The energy use and carbon emissions this generates is spectacular and largely unnecessary. 这个句子的结构如何划分呢?this generates is 这里特别不能理解,请老师指教。
Vicky 同学好~

The energy use and carbon emissions[主语] this generates[定语] is[系动词] spectacular and largely unnecessary[表语].

这是一个主系表结构,谓语部分是 is,而前面的 this generates 是用来修饰主语的后置定语,理解为“这(this 指代前文某件事物)所产生的 能量消耗和碳排放”。
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#召唤陪练狮# 老师你好,请问这句话 So how dose the sweet if sometimes absurd sound of infant-directed speech influence a baby's development?中这个If怎么理解的呢?谢谢老师。
Hi Vicky,

这里的 if 引导的是状语从句,从句 if sometimes absurd 理解为 “甚至有时是荒唐的(声音)” 就可以了。
2019-09-03 15:46:53
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#召唤陪练狮# 老师,请教下这句话的分析:Their initial task was to decide which of the many forest problems of concern to Europe involved the largest number of countries and might be the subject of joint action.  
2,这里面的几个介词,to,of 我明白这个...... 查看全部
Hi Vicky, 

主句:Their initial task was to decide something
宾语从句:which of the many forest problems of concern to Europe involved the largest number of countries and might be the subject of joint action

主句:Their initial task[主语] was[系动词] to decide something[表语]
宾语从句:which[主语] of the many forest problems of concern to Europe[定语] involved[谓语] the largest number of countries[宾语] and[连接词] might be[系动词] the subject of joint action[表语]


1)to decide 这是不定式做表语;
2)of the many forest problems 介词短语作定语,表示“多个森林问题中的哪一个”,修饰 which
3)of concern to Europe 介词短语作定语,表示“对欧洲来说 关注的”,修饰 of the many forest problems
4)of countries  介词短语作定语,表示“国家的数量”,修饰 numbers
5)of joint action  介词短语作定语,表示“联合行动的主题”,修饰 subject
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#召唤陪练狮# 老师你好,The topic of conversation and the characteristics of the social setting (e.g. the level of formality) are also highly relevant, as are the per-sonal qualities of the informants (e.g. their fluency and consistency).求教这句话里AS在这里是引导比较状语从句吗?后面这个从句的结构如何分析?请教毕...... 查看全部
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#召唤陪练狮# 老师你好,请教一下这句话:The best sites are between islands or around heavily indented coasts where are strong tidal currents.这句话里如何判断where引导的定语从句是修饰前面 between islands or around heavily indented coasts而不仅仅只是修饰heavily indented coasts的呢?
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#召唤陪练狮# 我想问雅思方法课写作补充材料list1-10 的答案。
 1. 如果学校的教学设备是先进的,学生们可以享受到一个更好的学习环境。这些教学设备包括教室内设备,如投影仪,电子屏等,以及实验室设备如显微镜,以及化学反应器等。有了这些设备的帮助,学习不再是一个单调乏味,重复知识的过程,而是一个愉悦的每个人都喜欢参与的方式。依靠这些设备做了实验后,物理和化学的定理可以在学生们脑中形成更深的印象,因此,更多的人才得到培养,国家发展也因此受益。

 If the school is equipped with advanced teaching facilities, including classroom equipment such as projectors, electronic screens, etc., as well as laboratory equipment such as microscopes and chemical reactors, students can enjoy a better learning environment. With the aid of these devices, learning is no longer a tedious and repetitive process, but an enjoyable mode in which everyone likes to engage. Conducting experiment with these devices can leave students a memorable impression of physical and chemical theorems on their minds. Therefore, more talents are trained, which is as well of benefit to the national development.

2. 大学的教育对于一个国家的发展是非常重要的,因为接受过高等教育的学生是一个国家潜力所在。也就是说,大学帮助人们去为将来的事业做准备、加强他们的学术能力并且提高他们的人际交往和组织能力,这样他们就能够适应这个多变的世界。通过这个过程,大学培育了很多优秀的科学家、工人、工程师和其他有天赋的人。然而,这个过程需要政府给学校投入大量的资金支撑,比如师资和器材。
College education is of great significance for a country’s development, because higher education students are the potential of a country. In other words, universities help people prepare for their future careers, strengthen their academic ability and improve their interpersonal and organizational skills, so that they can adapt to this changeable world. Through this process, the University has cultivated many excellent scientists, workers, engineers and other talented people. However, this process requires the government invest heavily in colleges, such as teachers and equipment. 

3. 首先,在家工作的话可以免遭交通拥堵的困扰。今天,人们蜂拥而至到大城市中,以争取更好的工作和教育机会,这在很大程度上让城市交通压力更大。对于上班族而言,每天花 2个小时用于交通是很可能的。在这种情况下,如果可以在家用电脑电话工作,很少有人会去拒绝。剩下来的时间可以去做很多有意义的事,例如完成额外的工作,或是更好的享受生活。
First and foremost, working at home can get people out of traffic jams. Nowadays, people flock to big cities for better work and education opportunities, which to a large extent poses great pressure on the urban transport. For office workers, it is very likely to spend 2 hours a day on transportation. In this case, few people will refuse if it is allowed to work at home with phones and computers. Then in the rest of time you can do a great many meaningful things, either finishing the extra work or better enjoying your life. 

4. 确实,兼职工作能够帮助孩子为他们未来成人生活很好地做好准备。首先,它能帮助孩子发展出良好且成熟的性格,这会对他们将来的学业和工作都大有裨益。第二,通过兼职工作,孩子们可以把他们所学应用到实践当中,从而获取很多在领导力,应对挑战,团队合作等方面的实际操作经验。最后,兼职工作能够提供给孩子们一个机会去对现实社会有所见解——在现实社会中,生活并没有他们所想的那样容易。如此一来,通过这样的经历,他们也许就会学着自食其力,学着成为更有责任感的社会成员。
Indeed, part-time job enables children to prepare themselves well for their future life. First of all, it helps foster good and mature personalities for children, which will be of great benefit to their future studies and work. Second, through taking part-time jobs, children can apply what they learn to practice, acquiring many actual experience in leadership, teamwork and coping with challenges. And finally, part-time job provides children opportunities to see the realistic society – in realistic society, life is not so easy as they expect. As a result, through such experiences, they will learn to stand on their own feet and become more responsible for the society.
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