#托福作文咩第 25 期 Day 1# 例子: for example, Steve Jobs, as we all know, is a workaholic who almost devoted all the time to his career without much social life. but I can feel that it is his career that defined happiness by reading his biography.
工作让人们感到充实和有价值,这是幸福的一种重要表现形式。因为每个人来到...... 查看全部
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#口语喵第 32 期 Day 1# 第一天,抢楼好猛~~~~
2017-07-31 10:01:17 来自 口语喵
#口语喵第 31 期 Day 15# I’m sure that this happens to lots of you, say, you are watching a movie in a cinema with your friends, and there’s usually someone that keeps talking all the way with whole lotta spoilers, especially at the critical moments of the movie, or texting and tapping on their cells with ringtones and in...... 查看全部
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#口语喵第 31 期 Day 14# I believe it is not wise to start a project until the deadline is coming. I mean, when deadline draws near, the pressure of the project will disrupt people’s inner voice.
What’s more, stress makes people do their projects carelessly and roughly. Trust me, in most cases, as the deadline is comin...... 查看全部
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#口语喵第 31 期 Day 12# Frankly speaking, I would like to spend less money to be economical. I mean, the main function of travel is to broaden people’s horizons and meet new friends instead of buying something interesting.
as a students, there is a paradox of travel we have to cope with. Owning to young, it is the best...... 查看全部
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#口语喵第 31 期 Day 11# I think the most important culture shock between China and western countries is conception of individual’s value. Western people pay more attention right of freedom and privacy while Chinese people emphasize on public interests, which is caused by different method of development. You know, in the a...... 查看全部
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#托福作文咩第 24 期 Day 11# I hold that children should learn to do choirs rather than just only studying and playing, since self-management ability created by doing choirs play a critical role in children’s future development. Self-management refers to the ability child manages his life independently. As we all know, childre...... 查看全部
2017-07-17 11:19:41 来自 托福作文咩
#口语喵第 31 期 Day 10# I think whether people should retire depends on their own. For those who have been devoted to their career and still feel energetic and passionate towards their career, even though they turn to 65 years old, can still be given chances to do what they love. see Mike, a current colleague, Though he is...... 查看全部
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#口语喵第 31 期 Day 9# There are numerous benefits one can get by working and studying in a new place. Living in a new place enables me to experience a new living style and meet more interesting people, For example, when I first went to Beijing, I was very surprised by people for their hospitality and straightforwardness....... 查看全部
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#口语喵第 31 期 Day 8# I think manager should from a close relationship with their employees.
In a fast-changing society, every company confronts crucible competition. Only when managers make friend with their employees, can they know their employees’abilities, Therefore, they can optimize their resources and catch up...... 查看全部
2017-07-12 17:10:09 来自 口语喵
#口语喵第 31 期 Day 5# I think local farm is the best choice for students to have a study trip. Since many students live in city and they have few opportunities to be accessible to nature
Therefore, they don't know many common sense they are supposed to understand. see, my cousin Peter, who is 11 years old, always asks...... 查看全部
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#托福作文咩第 24 期 Day 4# 【背景段】
Nowadays, with the traffic becoming more convenient, travelling aboard is also getting more and more popular. If money and time permit, all of us wa...... 查看全部
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#口语喵第 31 期 Day 4# I don’t think that people can be known well on the first sight.
It is arbitrary and unilateral to judge a person in term of his or her performance during first observation. Since it is too irrational to have a comprehensive consideration for people, An impression of first sight can indicate litt...... 查看全部
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#托福作文咩第 24 期 Day 3# Admittedly, some people believe that it is also a good choice as we become elder, since we have an adequate free time at that time. Nevertheless, if I were an old man, I would like to spend more time with my family members and enjoy my rest time of my life tranquilly. Additionally, foreign country i...... 查看全部
2017-07-05 20:25:44 来自 托福作文咩
#口语喵第 31 期 Day 3# I think that building a local history museum is a wise choice for government. I mean, this museum is built for visitors. If visitors have a deep understanding about development of local history by visiting this museum, they can get a whole picture of the culture and customs. Say my home town-Xi’An,...... 查看全部
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#托福作文咩第 24 期 Day 2# In addition, travelling abroad need a healthy body. Although going to foreign country seems like interesting, it will waste a lot of energy. young people can enjoy the experience of travelling abroad while maybe it is inconvenient for the elder man to do this. Last year, my sister brought my grandma...... 查看全部
2017-07-04 21:26:35 来自 托福作文咩
#口语喵第 31 期 Day 2# I prefer to spend my spare time on my family. I am a college student and my campus is 2000 km far from my hometown. In fact, I just come back to my home twice a year. Therefore, I extremely cherish my time of staying with my parents.
Besides this, staying with my family is a comfortable way for m...... 查看全部
2017-07-04 17:37:04 来自 口语喵
#托福作文咩第 24 期 Day 1# 对二十几岁的年轻人来说,我们更需要增长见识。出国旅游可以了解其他国家的经济形态,科技发展状况,是增长见识的好机会。而二十几岁的年轻人更需要增长见识。比如,我哥哥是开发程序的,原本只是专注于自己的技术,但年轻时有一次去美国旅游,看到纽约的一些商店里的机器人非常智能,很有意思。他回来后就决心转攻人工智能...... 查看全部
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#单词汪第 39 期 Day 1# 【我的分享】
sketch [skɛtʃ] n. 草图,素描;vt. 打草稿,素描
reclamation [ˌrɛklə'meʃən] n. 开垦;(废料等)回收
invertebrate [ɪn'vɚtəbrət] n. 无脊椎动物;adj. 无脊椎动物的
destruction n.破坏 毁灭
zone n. 地域 地带
motivate vt.激发 给…动机
You'd bet...... 查看全部
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#口语喵第 31 期 Day 1# I don’t agree with the idea that university should allow student to eat and drink in classes.
Class is a public place shared by teachers and students. A quiet and clean classroom is the precondition of A good educational environment. You can imagine such a picture: a teacher in the front of clas...... 查看全部
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